Before meeting Sonia Gandhi, Gehlot hinted at leaving the post of CM; Said – just leave then leave all posts

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has indicated to quit as Chief Minister. Talking to the media in Delhi before meeting Sonia Gandhi, CM Gehlot said that the party has given me a lot. The high command has given everything. For the last 40 years I am in the same position for 50 years. No position is important for me now. If my bus goes, I will leave all posts. It is for me that how should I take whatever responsibility I get or whatever responsibility I should take. I will do that. How can Congress be strong? This is now worrying the people of the country. Congress party should be strong as the opposition. We are running in that environment, so whatever decision we will take, we will decide that the Congress should be strengthened by our every decision, this is my goal.

If I have use in Delhi, I will be ready

CM Gehlot said that I will not be able to refuse. Where would you tell me? I want to fill the form. I will fill the form. Friends are people. Will talk to them too. Where I have been given the responsibility. Today I am the Chief Minister. I am carrying that responsibility. I will keep doing is on me. I want to serve Congress. My use is in Rajasthan. is in Delhi. Wherever it will be. I’ll be ready Because the party gave me everything. Now the position is not a big deal for me. If my bus goes, I will not take any position. What’s the point of the position for me? We can do everything even without a post. The party needs me. As Minister, as Speaker, I cannot refuse. On the question of one person one post, CM Gehlot said that we have passed the proposal. The high command nominates. There are two positions. This election is open to all. The election of Congress President is open. Any one of 9 thousand persons can stand. Whether he is MP, MLA, Minister or Chief Minister.

The party will get the benefit, I would like to stay there.

CM Gehlot said that only time will tell whether I should stay or not. But I would like to stay where the party benefits from my stay. I will not Back Down. Wherever I live on a post. I would not mind if it is not on two posts or anywhere. I have held many positions. Now let me go to the fray and tour with Rahul Gandhi. Calling people across the country and bringing them on the streets. These fascists are sitting. Open a front against them. This is my sincere wish. What will be my wish? Because the party has given me everything. CM Gehlot said that Gandhi family has faith in me. The faith of the family members of Congress people is also on me. I am very lucky.

It is not known when Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh came

CM Gehlot said that in the present situation in which we are walking, Rahul Gandhi is traveling on one side, that journey has created uneasiness in the Bharatiya Janata Party, the issues he has raised apart from inflation and unemployment. Also, the whole country is worried about the situation prevailing inside the country. Amit Shah is gone, Rajnath Singh is gone and now JP Nadda. In BJP it is not known. When do you leave Congress has internal democracy. That’s why elections are taking place. Media people also want Congress to be strong as the opposition. This is the feeling inside the midwife. Under pressure, Godi became the media. The fear of raids by ED, CBI and Income Tax is being shown. In response to a question, the CM said that he would go to Kochi. Will request Rahul Gandhi to take over the post. Things have happened inside the country. The country is worried about him. His intention is for a Congress-free India.

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