Bagga’s arrest is causing tremendous grit, know where did Punjab Police make a mistake

Questions are being raised on the failed action of Punjab Police to arrest BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga from his Delhi residence. There is a grudge against this. There has been a face-off between the Delhi Police over its mishandling of the case and the Bhagwant Mann government and the Aam Aadmi Party have been widely criticized.

A police officer said, “Since the arrest was to be made outside Punjab, the police conducting the raid has to inform the local police station concerned. As per procedure, a police officer from the local area should have accompanied the raiding team at the time of arrest.

On April 4, the Cyber ​​Cell of Punjab Police registered a case against Bagga for making provocative, false and communal statements and making criminal intimidation. Media interviews and Twitter posts were used as weapons for this.

Where did the Punjab Police make a mistake?

Sources in the Punjab Police said that the state police should have obtained an arrest warrant from the Mohali court. A police officer said, “Since the arrest was to be made outside the state, the police conducting the raids should have informed the local police station concerned. As per procedure, a police officer of the local area has to accompany the raiding party at the time of arrest.”

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The Punjab Police, however, claimed that five notices were served to the BJP leader for joining the investigation. He was arrested from his house for not joining the investigation.

Delhi and Haryana Police counterattack

However, the Delhi Police claimed that the Punjab Police did not inform Bagga before arresting him and took him into custody. At the same time, the SSP of Mohali also wrote a letter to the SSP of Kurukshetra, claiming that the Punjab Police team was illegally detained on the Karnal-Kurukshetra highway, terming it interference in the administration of criminal justice.

When Delhi Police got a search warrant from Dwarka Court, it came to know that Haryana Police has stopped Punjab Police near Pipili. Punjab Police is facing kidnapping case.