Azam Khan: I do not want this breed to be punctured, know why he said in the meeting – this child should not have been here at this time


SP leader Azam Khan said that in his political journey of 42 years, he was an MLA ten times, a member of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha once, became a minister in the state government four times and was also the Leader of the Opposition, but within two months he and his loved ones All the cases were instituted against him.

During the meeting in support of the SP candidate in Shahbad, Azam Khan pointed to a child who had come to the meeting and said that this is our fight that this child should not have been here at this time. He should have slept under the shadow of his mother. So that it gets ready tomorrow morning and goes to school. But this child is sitting carefree because he has no age to worry about. Neither do its parents care about it. This child exists for his own destruction. The parents must be watching its ruin sitting here somewhere.

Azam Khan said that just in the capacity of straw, I tried to put pen in the hands of this breed. So that they don’t sweep the roads, don’t add tire punctures, they don’t become motorcycle mechanics, they don’t become wood craftsmen. If possible, become a doctor, become an engineer, become a scientist, become a good Indian.

Referring to the jail, Azam Khan said that those were dark nights. We, our wife and son Abdullah were separated in a lonely cell. One night in a prison cell was so long that it seemed like a year. Said that the government will not change whether the two Lok Sabha seats of Uttar Pradesh are won or lost, but from this election it will be known whether the consciousness of the people of Rampur is alive or dead.

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