Ashok Gehlot complained a lot to Sonia Gandhi about Sachin Pilot! Revealing from this picture

Ashok Gehlot vs. Sachin Pilot: In the midst of the political whirlwind in Rajasthan, when Ashok Gehlot reached to meet the interim president of the party, Sonia Gandhi, he did apologize for the whole episode, but he did not leave a single opportunity to curse his arch rival Sachin Pilot in front of the high command. He even said that SP (Sachin Pilot) is probably the first state president who tried to topple his own party’s government. Apart from this, Gehlot made many other allegations. Even though this meeting of his with the high command took place in a closed room, but a picture is revealing the agenda of the meeting of both of them.

Yes, when Ashok Gehlot reached Sonia Gandhi’s residence to meet him, he also had a cheat-sheet in his hand. In this, he had written many points to present his side. Many points are clearly visible in this cheat-sheet picture taken by photographer J Suresh. Ashok Gehlot has used the word SP for Sachin Pilot in the cheat-sheet.

Making serious allegations against Sachin Pilot, Gehlot has claimed that he has the support of 102 MLAs. At the same time, the SP has the support of only 18 MLAs. Gehlot also said that there was every possibility of the Youth Congress leader quitting the party. He also accused Sachin Pilot of trying to overthrow the Congress government in the state in collusion with the BJP. Gehlot said that he would probably be the first state president to do so. Gehlot also accused the BJP of offering Rs 10 to 50 crore to buy the MLAs.

According to the photo, Ashok Gehlot started his conversation with Sonia Gandhi by saying, “What happened is very sad, I am also very hurt.” He further said, “People give up seeing the wind change in politics. This did not happen here.” He fully defended the MLAs of his camp in front of Sonia Gandhi.

According to the cheat-sheet, Ashok Gehlot further says, “SP will leave the party. It would have been good for the party if the party observers had given the correct report earlier. The state president had tried his best to topple the government.” Let us tell you that till now neither Congress nor Ashok Gehlot has commented on this picture.

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