Arrest again after getting bail from court, facing terror; Imran Khan got angry again

Arrest again after getting bail from court, facing terror;  Imran Khan got angry again

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has criticized the arrest of several leaders and members of his party, saying his party is facing a “reign of terror”. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, he said, “An unprecedented crackdown is taking place. My entire senior leadership is in jail. They get bail from the court and as soon as they come out of the court, they are arrested again.” Right now it is a reign of terror that we are facing.” Regarding his re-arrest, Imran said that ‘it can happen anytime’. PTI chief Imran Khan has reiterated that he has every expectation of being arrested again.

Accusing the ruling coalition of plotting to pit the army against his party, Imran Khan said the country was heading towards disaster and could face disintegration. In a video message from his Zaman Park residence here, Khan said holding elections was the only way to end political instability.

Pakistani army is being defamed – Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Khan said, “The leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and Nawaz Sharif, who fled from here to London, are not bothered that the country’s constitution is being desecrated.” Yes, government institutions are being destroyed or Pakistani army is being defamed. They are working for their vested interests to save the looted wealth.

The police have surrounded Imran Khan’s house. Meanwhile, he said, “I am having a nightmare that the country is heading towards destruction.” My appeal to the government is to hold elections and save the country.” Asked about the violence that broke out after his arrest on May 9 from the Islamabad High Court premises, Khan said it was entirely orchestrated by the ruling coalition and the Punjab government. There is a conspiracy.

Imran says that even if he is left alone, he will not give up the fight for ‘true freedom’. He said, “Even if I am left alone, I will continue to fight for real freedom for this country.” He said, “No one should misunderstand that I will back down because of this pressure. Those who have stood by me despite pressure, the country will not forget you.”

‘Who wants to fight the army?’

Imran Khan said, “Who wants to fight with the army? Whoever has fought with the army has lost the country. Whatever is being done, PDM will only benefit from it. Democracy has been destroyed in the country.”

Made a plan to end PTI through army: Imran

PTI chairman Imran Khan has said, “The plan is to pit the PTI against the army… Their plan is to finish the PTI through the army.” Speaking to reporters at his Zaman Park residence, the former prime minister said, “PDM is behind this and it is very dangerous for the country.” They cannot compete with us in elections and now they want to pit us against the army.”

Police may launch operation to nab ‘terrorists’ hiding at Imran Khan’s residence

Pakistan’s Punjab Police may launch an operation on Thursday to arrest ‘terrorists’ allegedly hiding at the residence of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Lahore. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chief Khan was given 24 hours by the interim government of Punjab province to hand over the “30-40 terrorists hiding” at his residence in Lahore and the period has now expired. Has been.

All roads leading to Zaman Park have been closed and a large number of security personnel have been deployed in the area, Geo News reported. Quoting sources, the report said that the Inspector General of Punjab Police and the capital city police officer have asked the police to remain “vigilant”.

Police has entered Imran’s house earlier also

Police had entered his Zaman Park residence in March to arrest Khan, but his party workers foiled the plan. On May 9, there was major violence at the Islamabad High Court complex following Khan’s arrest by the paramilitary force Rangers. Police put the death toll in the violent clashes at 10, while Khan’s party claimed 40 of its workers were killed in firing by security personnel.

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