Arnab Goswami: Arnab Goswami, Editor of Republic TV, showing me the injury marks – I was beaten up by police

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Arnab Goswami Arrested: Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, who was arrested on Wednesday morning by the Maharashtra police in a 2018 case, has accused the policemen of assaulting them. Goswami has been arrested in a two-year-old case for allegedly abetting interior designer Adesh Naik to commit suicide.

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami, showing bruises, said on Wednesday evening, “Policemen surrounded me, pushed me. I am here without shoes … I have been beaten up. “During this time, Mumbai policemen were present around them, who were taking them to the police station.

Earlier, Arnab Goswami’s lawyer also said that his wife was not aware of his arrest. He was assaulted by two police officers. His family members were pushed and the house was closed for 3 hours. He has scratches on his left hand and an attempt was also made to remove the bandage caused by the existing injury on his hand.

Explain that 53-year-old interior designer Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik were found dead in May 2018 at their farmhouse in Kavir village in Alibag taluka. Anvay was found dead on the first floor, while his mother’s body was found on the ground floor. After this, the case was filed by 48-year-old Anvay’s wife Akshata Naik. In the suicide note received after the incident, the deceased alleged that he and his mother were forced to end their lives, as they were owed Rs 5.40 crore by Arnab Goswami and two others, Feroz Sheikh and Nitesh Sarda. The amount was not paid.

What did the leader say about the arrest?

While BJP chief JP Nadda condemned Goswami’s arrest, Union Home Minister Amit Shah called it a “blatant misuse of power” that reminded of the Emergency. Nadda said in the tweet that India did not forgive former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for the Emergency, never even forgiven former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for the attack on freedom of press. He said, “And now India will again punish Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for using state power against journalists.” While there, Shah tweeted and alleged, “Congress and its allies once Then democracy has been tarnished. The blatant abuse of power against Republic TV and Arnab Goswami is an attack on the fourth pillar of personal freedom and democracy. ”

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