Anti-India talks on the wall of Canada’s Swaminarayan temple, demand for action

On the wall of the Swaminarayan temple in Canada – a case of writing anti-India things has come to the fore. According to the information, not only has this been done, but some damage has also been done to the wall of the temple. Anti-India lines have been written on the wall of the temple by the chaotic elements. The Government of India has strongly objected to this matter. The Indian High Commission has condemned the incident and demanded action.

In fact, the Indian High Commission in Ottawa wrote in one of its tweets that we strongly condemn the incident of damaging the Swami Narayan Temple in Toronto and writing anti-India things. The Canadian authorities have been made aware of the matter. It has also been urged to take swift and strict action against the accused.

It is being told that this incident happened on Tuesday. At present, the Indian High Commission has taken up the matter with the Canadian authorities and demanded strict action against the accused. However, it is not yet confirmed whether any person or people associated with any organization has done this incident.

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