Another major accident in Thailand after 13 years, 13 people died due to club fire

At least 13 people are reported to have died in an accident at a club in Thailand. At the same time, 35 people have been injured in the accident. The police have given information about this. However, the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. At present the investigation is going on. The special thing is that such an incident has happened in Thailand after almost a decade, when such a large number of people have died due to fire.

A police officer has informed that a fire broke out at the Mountain Bee nightclub in eastern Chonburi province. All those killed in the accident were citizens of Thailand. At the same time, the police have said that the condition of 14 of the injured is critical. The club is 180 km southeast of the capital, Bangkok.

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According to Reuters, an eyewitness at the club with five of his friends told Nana, ‘I saw flames on the top right side of the stage. I think at the same time Singer also saw this and he shouted fire and threw the mic towards him.’ Prime Minister Prayut Chan Ocha on Friday assured help to the families of the victims.

Such an incident happened even 13 years ago

About 13 years ago, during a New Year’s party in Bangkok, Santika nightclub caught fire due to pyrotechnics. During that time 66 people died in the accident. During the investigation, many lapses in the club were revealed.

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