Another FIR lodged against 13 including Atiq, his son Ali, accused of demanding extortion and murderous attack

New FIR Against Atiq Ahmad: After the Umesh Pal murder case, the noose of law is continuously tightening on Mafia Atiq Ahmed. Now another FIR has been registered against 13 including Atiq, his son Ali. The Dhumanganj police of Prayagraj have registered this case.

On the complaint of Sabir, a resident of Jafri Colony, Prayagraj, the police arrested Atiq Ahmed, his son Ali, Aslam Mantri, Asad Kalia, Shakeel, Shakir, Sabi Abbas, Faizan, on charges of extortion of one crore, murderous attack and conspiracy from jail. FIR has been registered against Nami, Affan, Mehmood, Maud. Sabir told the police that on 14 April 2019 he was at his Chakia residence. At the same time, at the behest of Atiq Ahmed, his son Ali along with his other companions arrived with weapons. He had a pistol and a rifle. All of them stood outside the house and started calling him.

Aslam had talked to jailed Atiq over phone
According to Sabir, Aslam minister called Ateeq Ahmed, who was in jail, and told Sabir to talk to Ateeq Bhai. On refusing, Asad Kalia pointed a pistol at him. Threatened that if you want to stay alive then stop pursuing the case against Atiq. Shots were fired at him. He ran away after saving his life. Their actions are captured in CCTV footage. He ran away from home after this incident.

Aslam had reached just before the murder of Umesh Pal

Sabir says that on the evening of February 15, 2023, just before the murder of Umesh Pal, Atiq Ahmed’s cousin Aslam Mantri had reached him. He said that Atiq Ahmed has called to Gujarat Jail. On refusing, he started fighting with her. Threatened that if you want to stay alive, then send one crore rupees to your brother. Sabir got scared remembering the incident of Deoria jail incident. Let us tell you that while living in Deoria Jail, Atiq is accused of kidnapping a businessman and calling him in jail and beating him. Police has registered an FIR on Sabir’s complaint.

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