Anonymous donor gave a check of 10 crores to PGIMER Chandigarh, the reason is emotional

Kidney patients have to face many difficulties throughout their life. Understanding the plight of such patients, an anonymous donor has donated Rs 10 crore to the Renal Transplant Center of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER). Hospital officials said the donor was earlier associated with PGIMER. But remaining anonymous, he decided to donate a check of 10 crores from his savings to the Renal Transplant Center.

According to sources, the center had performed 24 kidney transplants in August and one of the patients was a relative of the donor. However, no official statement has been shared by the institute. But sources said the donation was given in the form of a cheque. This check was for Renal Transplant Center. The hospital has yet to decide how to use the money.

This is the largest donation ever received by PGIMER. Earlier, he had received the highest donation of Rs 50 lakh. Over 9,000 patients have been treated through the hospital’s Garib Rogi Kalyan Kosh in the last three years. The head of the center Dr Ashish Sharma said that the minimum cost of kidney transplant was Rs 40,000. In many difficult cases, this price can increase up to Rs 2 lakh. “If the blood group is inconsistent, the cost goes up to Rs 6 lakh,” he said. The financial crisis on patients does not end here. The cost of medicine for his lifetime ranges from Rs 1,200 to 15,000 per month.

Transplant is not easy anyway. Currently, 2,600 kidney failure patients are queuing up for a donor. Even those who have a donor have to wait at least a month or two for the transplant. A doctor said that people awaiting transplants also do small jobs outside PGIMER for their treatment.

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