Amrullah Saleh appealed to UN said do something quickly in Panjshir otherwise there will be massacre – International news in Hindi – Amrullah Saleh appealed to UN, said

Afghanistan’s Acting President Amrullah Saleh in Panjshir TalibanHe has written a letter to the United Nations on the crisis. Saleh has urged the United Nations and global leaders for help. He called on the Taliban to immediately mobilize their resources to save Panjshir, the last bastion of safe Afghanistan.

Let us tell you that in Panjshir, a fierce battle is being seen between the Taliban and the resistance forces. At least 17 people were killed and 41 wounded while celebrating victory on the battlefield in Panjshir province. The area is still under the control of anti-Taliban fighters.

In a letter to the United Nations, Saleh said: “About 2,50,000 people, including local women, children, the elderly and 10,000 IDPs who arrived in Panjshir after the Taliban took over Kabul and other major cities, are trapped inside these valleys and the Taliban. If this situation is not taken care of, then there will be complete humanitarian devastation, which will see starvation, mass murder and genocide.”

He said- Talibanis have blocked human access to Panjshir. Ask the passengers his race. The men of military age of Panjshir are made to work in the mine. His phones turn off the power and don’t even allow medicine. People can carry cash only in small quantities.

He said that in the last 23 years since the opening of the emergency hospital, we have never stopped the Taliban from coming. The Taliban are now committing war crimes and have no respect for the IHL. “We call on the leaders of the United Nations and the world to pay attention to this apparent criminal and terroristic behavior of the Taliban,” he said.

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