Amritpal is changing disguise again and again, hiding his face with umbrella, fugitive Khalistani captured in CCTV footage

Amritpal is changing disguise again and again, hiding his face with umbrella, fugitive Khalistani captured in CCTV footage

Amritpal Singh CCTV: Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh is changing his disguise time and again. This time he was caught on CCTV camera leaving the house of a woman from Haryana. During this, he hid his face with an umbrella. In the CCTV footage, the wanted Khalistani leader was purportedly seen leaving the house wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans with an umbrella covering his face. It is being told that this was the house of the same woman where Amritpal had taken refuge.

Due to the miscalculation of the Punjab Police, separatist Amritpal Singh managed to escape from the police’s custody on March 18 and till now he has not been caught by the police. Officials said on Thursday that it is feared that Amritpal may have fled to the neighboring state of Haryana. He said that the police had made elaborate preparations at only one place and did not nab him in his village.

police miscalculation

According to officials, this was a major lapse in assessment at the state police level. He said that after the Ajnala episode of February 23, the Punjab Police decided to act on Amritpal, but could not do so because of the ‘Hola Mohalla’ fair organized at Anandpur Sahib, where a religious procession would take place from March 6 to 8. Is.

Police started big action

According to officials, a major operation was launched on March 18 to arrest Amritpal, a 30-year-old Khalistan supporter, after keeping a close watch. The campaign was launched when he was on his way to Bathinda from Jallupur Kheda in Amritsar. He said Amritpal’s convoy of five vehicles left his village on March 18 and the separatist (Amritpal) was traveling in a Mercedes car.

Officials said the convoy had to cross the Sutlej river and a team of Punjab Police commandos was waiting for it at Harike Barrage. He said a pilot vehicle that was part of the convoy spotted a group of armed policemen waiting at the barrage.

Amritpal keeps changing the way

According to officials, the driver of the vehicle returned to inform Amritpal Singh about this. He said Amritpal immediately changed course and crossed the Sutlej river at Govindwal Sahib, where only a few policemen were stationed. Officials said that the Punjab Police was confident that Amritpal would take the Harike Barrage route only, due to which no alternative arrangements were made to nab the Khalistan sympathizer on other routes and managed to escape from police custody.

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