America is teasing, Russia also flares up on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China’s support

Russia’s reaction has also come to the fore amid tensions between the US and China over Taiwan. Russia has supported China in this issue and accused the US that its action is provocative. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is an embarrassment to China. Lavrov, who arrived in Myanmar, said that the US has not received a befitting reply and that is why it is doing such acts. Lavrov said that the kind of action the US has done is irritating to China and fuels controversy.

Earlier on Tuesday also, Russia’s reaction came and it condemned America. Nancy Pelosi has visited Taiwan at a time when global tensions are at its peak due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. The fear of opening another front on such an occasion is also haunting the world. However, so far neither the US nor China has spoken of backing down. On the one hand, China had repeatedly warned the US that there could be bad consequences for visiting Taiwan. However, Nancy Pelosi and America ignored all of her watches.

Not only this, Nancy Pelosi, who reached Taiwan, also attacked China on the contrary. He said that we will support Taiwan in every way and will be ready to protect it. Not only this, Nancy Pelosi said that more people from America will visit Taiwan now. His statement is an open challenge to China, which is continuously registering protests. Meanwhile, on the one hand, China has opposed the attitude of the US government in the United Nations, while on the other hand it has also started exercises on the border of Taiwan. It is conducting maneuvers at 6 bases, which are very close to the Taiwan border.

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