Amar Ujala Uday Awards: JP Nadda said in the program – I was an eyewitness of the newspaper’s struggle, played an important role in nation building


On the occasion of felicitating the winners of Amar Ujala Awards, the National President of BJP said that they have been witness to the struggle of the newspaper. He said that when the issues of Himachal Pradesh were given place as regional news by other newspapers, Amar Ujala vigorously raised the issues of public interest of Himachal Pradesh in a prominent manner. He said that Amar Ujala has benefited the people by carrying forward its social responsibility very beautifully. He also appreciated Amar Ujala for adopting eight villages of Uttarakhand and for their overall development.


JP Nadda said that Amar Ujala played an important role in the progress of the country. He said that the great purpose for which the newspaper was started on 18th April 1948, today in the 75th year that resolution seems to be fulfilled. He said that the newspaper could achieve this success only because its vision and direction were both right. He said that instead of establishing itself as a business, the newspaper made its special place in the heart of the people by establishing itself as a conscious watchman of the nation.

Launching the ‘Uday Coffee Table Book’, Nadda said that recognizing the positive actions and energetic initiatives of the society inspire others to do better. Therefore, this effort of the newspaper should be appreciated. He said that the media has a major role in taking the voice of the people to the governments and in conveying the positive role of the governments to the people. He is glad that Amar Ujala has played this role in a wonderful way. He said that during the Corona period, many organizations of the country did not leave their people destitute and stood firmly with them. Many people helped people with their positive actions. All these people should be honored.

India’s strength

JP Nadda also told people about India’s growing global power on this occasion. He said that once a vaccine used to take 30-32 years to a hundred years to reach the country, but during the Corona period, India prepared two vaccines within a record nine months. The country has succeeded in administering 190 crore doses of vaccine (including two doses and booster dose) to its citizens. Along with this, 18.50 crore doses were also made available to other countries.

He said that it is the result of the growing power of the country that in Ukraine crisis, the country was successful in bringing about 23,000 students home. Such was the power of the tricolor that students from other countries were also saving their lives by carrying the tricolor.

BJP President honored

Amar Ujala Group Managing Director Tanmay Maheshwari honored BJP National President JP Nadda with a bouquet. In his welcome address, he recalled the political career of JP Nadda and said that he took over as the National President of Yuva Morcha of BJP at the age of only 32. After this, he rose to the highest post of National President, playing many important roles in the organization of BJP.

Tanmay Maheshwari, connecting Amar Ujala’s struggle with Nadda’s struggle said that we played our role in nation building. Our organization also worked hard to deliver a few copies to the remotest villages of the mountains. Fulfilled his responsibility towards the public. Along with this, the newspaper also discharged its social responsibility. The newspaper also continuously helped the people by organizing camps from time to time.