Amar Ujala Foundation: Today Ved Garg’s bone marrow transplant, mother is donor


Four-year-old Ved Garg, who is suffering from congenital blood disease Thalassemia Major in Agra, will undergo a bone marrow transplant on Wednesday at the South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia, Jaipur. Ved’s mother Krishna will donate bone marrow for the son. Both have been admitted to the hospital since April 20. Ved is undergoing treatment for transplant in Jaipur since February 25.


Ved Garg’s father Jitendra Garg, a resident of Kheragarh, is a laborer. Their financial condition is weak. Asked for financial support for bone marrow transplant. Amar Ujala Foundation took the lead in helping. With the help of Amar Ujala Foundation and donors, Rs 11.69 lakh was collected. Ved’s father Jitendra told that eight lakh rupees have been spent on the pre-transplant course. Four lakh rupees have to be deposited at the time of transplant.

Discharge will happen after 30 days

On Wednesday morning at eight o’clock in the morning, the team of Dr. Priya Marwa and Dr. Rajpreet Soni will operate on Ved. The mother’s bone marrow will be removed first. Then he will be transferred to Ved Garg. If all goes well, after 30 days, on June 4, Ved will be discharged from the hospital. After this, there will be a post transplant followup of Ved for about six months. In this, it will have to be checked after every seven days.

Agra’s blood bank also helped

South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia is operated in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Jaipur. Jitendra told that Veda had congenital thalassemia. Found out when he was six months old. He was undergoing treatment from AIIMS for three years. Blood transfusion had to be done two to three times a month. The Blood Bank of Agra helped in this. He said that with the help of Amar Ujala Foundation, my son will get a new life.