Ajab: ‘Have become PM twice and what do you want?’ This question was asked to Modi, know what was the answer


Prime Minister Narendra Modi narrated the story of a leader of the opposition to the people in a video conferencing program. The Prime Minister said that one day, a senior leader met me. He regularly opposes us politically, but I respect him. He was not happy on some issues, so he came to meet me. He said that the country made you prime minister twice… what to do next? He used to think that if he became Prime Minister twice, a lot has happened. They don’t know that Modi belongs to a different soil. This land of Gujarat has prepared him.


PM Modi’s target on Sharad Pawar?

The Prime Minister did not mention the name of any leader while narrating this anecdote, but his statement came after meeting NCP chief Sharad Pawar in Delhi last month. Pawar met Prime Minister Modi after the ED crackdown on the family members of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Media reports claimed that Pawar had raised these issues in this meeting.

Reaching the last beneficiary of policies is the end of appeasement: Modi

Prime Minister Modi said on Thursday in Bharuch, Gujarat, that 100 percent of the government’s policies and schemes reach the beneficiaries is the end of the politics of discrimination and appeasement. Modi said, often due to lack of information, government schemes are either left only on paper or very few people are able to take advantage of them. Though it is a difficult task to reach the policies to the last beneficiary, but it is the last way to serve the public. It also eliminates the need for recommendations to get benefits, as everyone is confident that they will eventually get the benefit. Since every individual has got the benefit, there is no scope for appeasement politics in it.

I will not stop without fulfilling my dream

Modi said, since eight years after I became the Prime Minister, our government is making every effort to take the benefits of all welfare schemes to the last person. 100% coverage is not just a statistic, it is a proof of how sensitive the government is and takes care of the people. On the completion of eight years of our government, I have a dream to reach 100 per cent beneficiaries of the country and I will not stop without achieving it, he said.

Half the population did not have toilets, bank accounts

In 2014, when the NDA government was formed at the Center and I took over, half of the country’s population did not have toilets, electricity and bank accounts. Vaccines were not available to the large population. In the last eight years, the government has achieved the target of 100% coverage in many schemes.

Let’s together give rights to the needy

The PM called, once again we all need to reach out to the needy and get their rights. It is a difficult task and many politicians stay away from doing it, but I have come here to serve the people and not to do politics.

The scope of schemes was limited before 2014

Taking a jibe at the previous governments, Modi said social security schemes implemented in the country before 2014 had limited coverage and impact. After 2014, the NDA government expanded these schemes. Now about 50 crore people are taking the facility of free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. Crores of people got life insurance, elderly got pension.