After TMC, now Abhishek Banerjee’s stature has increased in the government too! There was a threat to the cabinet expansion due to the suspension of Parth

Mamata Banerjee has been the main face of the party since the inception of the Trinamool Congress party. Within a few years of its establishment, many members left the party due to mutual differences. Since then, Mamta Banerjee has been like a ‘one man show’ in the party. However, now the stature of Mamata’s nephew and Diamond Harbor MP Abhishek Banerjee is increasing not only in the party but also in the government. According to party insiders, Abhishek Banerjee had a big influence in the cabinet expansion as well.

The new ministers also thanked Abhishek Banerjee

Earlier it used to be that after taking oath, ministers used to thank Mamata Banerjee only. However, this time there was a new thing to see. The new ministers, Partha Bhowmik and Birbaha Hansda, said they would try to live up to the expectations of the chief minister as well as Abhishek Banerjee. It is also being told that Abhishek Banerjee has a big role in finalizing the names of the new ministers.

Abhishek Banerjee wanted suspension of Partha Chatterjee

The decision to suspend former cabinet minister Partha Chatterjee, accused in the teacher recruitment scam, was also not taken immediately. There were reports that there was a demand from within the party to take action against him. People inside the party say that Abhishek Banerjee is also behind the action taken on Parth. After his suspension, Abhishek Banerjee had said that if he is proved innocent, then the way is open to take him back in the party.

The eight new ministers who have been sworn in have a relatively clear image. Many of them are close to Abhishek Banerjee. These include the names of Babul Supriyo, Bhowmik, Snehasish Chakraborty. At the same time, among the earlier ministers, Malay Ghatak and Pulak Roy are also considered close to Abhishek Banerjee. A TMC leader said, on Monday, there was a change in the party leadership at the district level as well. These changes were also made only after the approval of Abhishek Banerjee. A TMC functionary said, “Abhishek is moving forward step by step. We have high hopes from them. After some time not only his people but he himself will also join the cabinet.

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