After the murder of the businessman, it was written on the slip- ‘Sorry was compulsion’; The accused girl told why and how she committed the murder

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested a young woman in connection with the murder of businessman Deepak Sethi at a lodge in Safdarjung Enclave. During the investigation, a slip was found by the police from the lodge room. It was written on it that you are a nice person, sorry, sorry, sorry, I had too much compulsion to do this to you.

A bag, gold ring of the deceased, mobile phone, fake Aadhaar card of the girl and the phone used in the crime have been recovered from the accused 29-year-old Nikita alias Nikki. A case is already registered against the accused girl in Model Town.

Special Police Commissioner Ravindra Kumar Yadav said that on March 31, the body of businessman Deepak Sethi was found in the lodge room at Safdarjung Enclave. From the CCTV footage of the lodge, the police came to know that a young woman had accompanied Deepak Sethi. Late night at around 12:25, the girl left the hotel alone with the luggage. The police got the Aadhaar card of the girl from the hotel. In the investigation, the police came to know that the Aadhaar card was fake. Apart from this, apart from extracting the CDR details of the girl, the police started scanning the footage of CCTV cameras installed around the hotel.

The accused had recharged the mobile from Nigerian

Investigation revealed that on March 20, the girl from Sant Garh area had recharged her mobile phone from Chide, a resident of Nigeria. Chide told that he is in a relationship with Madhumita. He had recharged the mobile phone of Madhumita’s friend Nikita. After this, the police team arrested the accused girl from Noida. During interrogation, Nikita told that she had met Madhumita in jail. After that, she conspired and called the businessman to the hotel, where he killed him by giving intoxicants and looted all the goods and ran away after writing a note on his hand. After leaving the hotel, she fled in a car along with Madhumita.

many drugs were found

Police officials said that several liquor bottles and several types of medicines were found in the room from where Deepak’s body was found. The post-mortem of Deepak’s body has been done and its viscera has been kept safe. It will be known only from the viscera report that Deepak was poisoned or not.

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