After the defeat, Alva got angry on her ‘lovers’, said – some opposition parties also supported the NDA

United Opposition candidate Margaret Alva lashed out at her allies after Saturday’s defeat in the vice presidential election. He said that some opposition parties have also directly or indirectly supported the NDA candidate. Significantly, in the Vice Presidential election, Margaret Alva got less than 200 votes. Earlier, he congratulated the newly elected Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on the victory. He said that after the elections are over, the fight for the post of Vice President is over. However, the struggle to protect the Constitution, strengthen democracy and uphold the dignity of Parliament will continue.

it was a great opportunity

After losing the election, Alva wrote her words on Twitter. He expressed disappointment over the lack of unity of the opposition parties. He wrote that this election was like a great opportunity for the opposition parties. He had every opportunity to show the power of opposition unity. They could build trust in each other by leaving the past behind. But unfortunately some opposition parties have decided to support the BJP directly or indirectly. Due to this the vehicle of unity of opposition got derailed. Along with this, congratulations to Jagdeep Dhankhar on being elected the Vice President of the country. Along with this, he also thanked all the leaders of the opposition and all the MPs who voted for themselves and the volunteers who supported their campaign during the elections.

Jagdeep Dhankhar is the new Vice President, Margaret Alva could not even get 200 votes
Many parties had supported the BJP

Significantly, several opposition parties- Janata Dal (United), YSRCP, BSP, AIADMK and Shiv Sena had supported Dhankhar. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress had decided to stay away from this election, accusing the opposition parties of not taking advice before choosing a candidate. Despite this, two TMC MPs had come to cast their votes. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi thanked Alva for brilliantly displaying the spirit of a united opposition.

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