After Raju Srivastava, now this comedian also said goodbye to the world, Sunil Pal gave information

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Comedian Death: Do not know the comedy world whose eyes have been caught. Comedy fans were not even overcome by the death of Raju Srivastava that now there is news of the death of another comedian. Comedian Parag Kansara, who enthralled the audience with his talent in the first season of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, has passed away. Parag’s comedian friend Sunil Pal has given this information by sharing a video on Instagram.

One comedian after another is losing

Comedian Sunil Pal has informed about the death of Parag Kansara on Instagram by sharing a video on Instagram. Sunil Paul looks emotional while talking about this tragic incident. In this posted video, Sunil is saying, ‘Namaste, another heart-wrenching bad news has come from the world of comedy. Parag Kansara ji, the sixth partner of our Laughter Challenge, is no more in this world. Yes, the same Parag Kansara ‘inverted thinking’, who used to make everyone laugh by asking them to think in reverse. Don’t know whose eyesight has been given to our comedy industry, we are losing one comedy pillar after the other.

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Parag, who started from zero, struggled a lot

Sunil Paul told about the comedian Parag, who said goodbye to this world, that he was a very brilliant and fun artist. Sunil told that Parag struggled a lot in his life. He told that Parag, who started his career from zero, did many small things like doing magic shows, working in circus. Apart from this, he also worked in the film ‘Bombay to Goa’. Parag was a resident of Gujarat, he did hundreds of live shows as a stand up comedian.
Did it too.

Be a part of India’s first stand-up comedian show

Parag Kansara was a contestant of the first season of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. The Great Indian Laughter Show was the first show in the TV industry in which the stand-up comedian concept was aired on the small screen. Through this show, many stand-up comedians of the country got a chance to bring their talent in front of the world. Parag was also one of these comedians. Parag did not become the winner of the show but his comedy act entertained the audience a lot. There is currently no information about the cause of Parag’s death. He was also missing from the comedy world for a long time. In 2011, it was also reported about Parag Kansara that he was sentenced to one year in jail for breaking traffic rules.

This year this comedy star said goodbye to the world

This year has proved to be unfortunate for the comedy world. The news of the demise of many comedy stars has left the industry in mourning this year. Before Raju Srivastava and Parag Kansara, the news of the death of comedy actor Dipesh Bhan of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai was a big blow to the TV industry.

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