After meeting Nitish, Prashant Kishor told himself Karna, but who is the snake?

Even after nearly two hours of meeting of Bihar Chief Minister and election strategist Prashant Kishor, no such statement came out from which any further speculation could be made. However, Prashant Kishor has said a lot by tweeting two lines of Rashmirathi, the classic composition of national poet Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’. He tweeted, ‘With your help, I will achieve victory spontaneously, to the coming humanity, but, what face will I show? After this tweet of his, many discussions have started in the political circles. In these lines PK has described himself as Karna. Actually, in ‘Rashmirathi’, Karna talks to a snake at the time of war with Arjuna and only then says these things. However, it was not clear to whom PK is addressing with these lines. Nevertheless, the pundits of politics have understood the sign of PK to a great extent.

Which episode of Mahabharata in lines

Through these lines, Dinkar has introduced Karna’s valor and self-respect. When Karna and Arjuna are about to face off during the war of Mahabharata. In front of Karna’s chariot, Jagdishwar Krishna himself is seated holding the reins of Arjuna’s chariot. In such a situation, once doubt is born in the mind of Karna about his victory. Just then in the battlefield a snake named Ashwasena comes to Karna and requests him to make him sit on his arrow and attack Arjuna so that Ashwasena can avenge the murder of his family. However, Karna does not accept the help of any snake and he reprimands Ashwasen and drives him away. The poet has drawn more attention to social evils through Karna.

What are the lines of ‘Rashmirathi’

‘With your help, I will be able to win spontaneously,
But, what face shall I show to the coming humanity?
The world will say that all of life’s succulent Karna has been tarnished;
The sinner took the help of the snake to kill Pratibhata.

‘O Ashwasen! You have many descendants, even among the hidden males,
Not only in limited forest, but also in very settled village-houses.
These male-arms make the path of humanity very difficult,
Neech Sahayya takes snake’s for the killing of Pratibal.

Why did Ashwasen become the enemy of Arjuna?

According to Mahabharata, a snake named Ashwasen wanted to take revenge on Arjuna. In such a situation, he wanted to make Karna a means. Ashwasena was the son of Takshak Nag. In fact, when the Pandavas set fire to the forest to make Indraprastha, the Takshak snake family was also burnt in the Khandav forest. Takshak’s wife ran away after pressing her son Ashwasen in the mouth, when Arjuna killed the serpent by hitting an arrow without a hood. But Ashwasen survived. That is why Ashwasena decided to help Karna during the war to take revenge on the Pandavas.

Whom did PK say snake?

Prashant Kishor has been an aide of Nitish Kumar. After their meeting, there was speculation whether Prashant Kishor was planning to support JDU again. However, PK has not said anything about this. At the same time, during a TV interview, PK had criticized Nitish and called him Kursi Kumar. Now the question arises that if PK is describing himself as Karna, then by tweeting these lines, who is calling that snake?

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