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Recently, US intelligence agencies have warned that ISIS terrorists are plotting to attack Kabul airport. After this warning, American soldiers deployed in security at Afghanistan Airport have been alerted more than before. In view of the warning of this terrorist attack, many countries have also stopped the plan to evacuate their people from there. On Wednesday, a security alert was issued by the US Embassy in Kabul, asking Americans to stay away from the gate near Kabul Airport. ‘CNN’ has told in one of its reports that the Islamic State may carry out its conspiracy among the crowd gathered outside Kabul Airport.

On behalf of senior US officials, it has been said that this warning has been issued by the Embassy that ISIS Khorasan may have a role in this terrorist attack. Dreaded terrorists can attack the crowd gathered near Kabul airport through vehicle bombs. During his address at the White House, US President Joe Biden has also said that ‘ISIS can target Khorasan Airport any day on the land we are on. They can target our soldiers as coalition soldiers and innocent civilians.

On Wednesday itself, Britain has also warned its citizens to stay away from Kabul Airport. He has appealed to his citizens that if possible, they should leave there by some other way than by plane. Britain has considered this as a very serious issue.

The Khorasan module of ISIS has carried out several terrorist attacks in Afghanistan in the past. The terror group claimed responsibility for a deadly May bombing of a girls’ school in Kabul, killing 68 people and injuring 165. ISIS-K also attacked the British-American HALO Trust in June, killing 10 and injuring 16 others.

It is said in many media reports that Taliban And there is enmity between ISIS. The Taliban, which is engaged in establishing rule in Afghanistan, has claimed many times that it has no affiliation with ISIS and will not tolerate these terrorists on its soil. On August 19, ISIS issued an official statement saying that the Taliban is a stoog of America. The Islamic State had also said that whatever happened in Afghanistan was not a Taliban victory, but a US victory. Because the Taliban has achieved this success by negotiating with America.

The Taliban, who are going to form the government in Afghanistan, seem to be the biggest threat from ISIS. If Islamic State’s influence in Afghanistan increases, it will reduce the influence of the Taliban. Second, the Taliban can also try to stop ISIS on Afghan soil and send a message to the world that it is no longer harboring terrorist organizations. However, this makes ISIS feel threatened by its existence. This terror group, which sells fear, is trying to humiliate the Taliban at any cost. The world started knowing about ISIS since 2014, which was established in 1999. Earlier it had no effect in Syria, Iraq or other countries.

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