Adani gains, Ambani loses, American billionaires lose billions of dollars

Adani gains, Ambani loses, American billionaires lose billions of dollars

Elon Musk’s wealth of about $ 6 billion was blown away in the storm of decline in the US stock markets on Thursday. At the same time, Jeff Bezos got a shock of $ 1.66 billion. Bill Gates suffered a loss of $169 million, while veteran investor Warren Buffett suffered a loss of $2.41 billion. Larry Ellison lost $1.73 billion, while Larry Page lost $1.53 billion. Sergey Brin’s wealth also suffered a dent of $1.45 billion. At the same time, due to the fall in the Indian stock markets, Ambani has also suffered a setback of billions of dollars. Whereas, due to the boom in Adani’s shares, his wealth has increased.

In fact, on Thursday, the Dow Jones, the main sensitive index of Wall Street, fell 543 points and closed at the level of 32254. At the same time, a decline of 1.85 percent was recorded in the S&P 500. The Nasdaq closed at 11,338 after diving 2.05 percent or 237 points.

The domestic market may be uprooted due to the storm of decline in the US stock markets

Due to this, the shares of America’s giant companies fell upside down. Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Inc fell 1.78 percent to $92.25. With this, the net worth of Jeff Bezos came down to $116 billion. Apple Inc declined by 1.49 percent. It closed at $150.59. Elon Musk’s company Tesla Inc dived 4.99 percent to close at $172.92. With this, his wealth has now reduced to $ 165 billion. Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc fell 2.10 percent to $ 92.66 billion. There was a decline of 4.49 percent in Net Flix and 3.18 percent in Walt Disney.

Reliance shares fall heavily on Ambani

Indian stock markets also declined on Thursday. Shares of Reliance Industries fell by 2.37 per cent to close at Rs 2360, its effect was also seen on the wealth of Chairman Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani was hit by $1.95 billion on Thursday. He is now ranked 11th in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with a net worth of $81.7 billion.

Adani benefits

While Thursday was not good for the top-10 billionaires of the Bloomberg Billionaires List, it was better for Gautam Adani, who reached the 21st position. Shares of Adani Enterprises tumbled on some bad news, but Adani’s wealth added $1.32 billion on Thursday as recovery continued in other stocks. Now he has assets of $ 55.4 billion. In February, his wealth was reduced to $ 37.7 billion.

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