‘Abdul’ will now wipe at BJP’s house, traitors have left me: Azam Khan

‘Abdul’ will now wipe at BJP’s house, traitors have left me: Azam Khan

These days the by-election is going on for the Rampur assembly seat of UP. The bypoll is being held after 10-time MLA Azam Khan was disqualified and barred from contesting elections. Even though Azam Khan has not fielded as a candidate in this election, but he is the biggest factor in the election. Meanwhile, the government’s eyes on Azam Khan are crooked, so his supporters are also seen leaving him. On leaving with these supporters, Azam Khan has taunted and called them traitors. Not only this, while taunting, Azam Khan said that the results of Rampur assembly by-election will be declared on December 9. After this, ‘Abdul’ will sweep the BJP’s place.

Azam Khan said this while addressing an election meeting at Nalapar in Rampur on Monday night. Azam Khan said that Abdul (Muslim section) will no longer spread the carpet and saying this he left my side and went away. When Abdul came, I had spread the ‘red carpet’ for him. After December 8, Abdul will mop their (BJP) place. Not only this, he termed the people going with BJP as corrupt and traitors. Azam Khan said, ‘All the contractors and maldars who were there could not give account of their property of their lands, so they all left. All the traitors who were there have gone and now only the loyalists remain.’

They also attacked some people of Quraish, a community of Muslims. On his joining BJP, Azam Khan said that the people who have 50-50 cases of cow slaughter registered, are sitting on the BJP platform today. After all, where did the BJP’s love for the cow go? Azam Khan is looking very emotional in this by-election. He also expressed grief over the defeat in the Lok Sabha by-election. Azam Khan said what I have not done for you people. But you cheated us by defeating Asim Raja in the Lok Sabha by-election.

Azam’s pain – I am alive because it is forbidden to commit suicide

Azam Khan said that Rampur is currently passing through the worst phase of politics and is standing at such a point where one mistake of yours will destroy my 50 years of hard work. Next December you will have two ways. First, choose your progress and prosperity by voting for Asim Raja or drown in darkness by defeating him. Azam Khan said that a big conspiracy is going on against Rampur and me, about which you people do not know. Azam Khan had earlier also said in a meeting that he is alive because suicide is forbidden in Islam.

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