A thousand years of history, idols from Chanakya to Ambedkar; What’s in the new Parliament House

A thousand years of history, idols from Chanakya to Ambedkar;  What’s in the new Parliament House

Preparations are on in full swing to beautify the new Parliament House, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate on Sunday. It is being said that not only will the political future of the country be decided in the new building, but it will also become a witness to thousands of years of history. Apart from the Members of Parliament, common citizens will also be able to know the culture and art of the country. The special thing is that the building will have three entrances.

what will be the inside view

Officials have told that at 6 gates and public roads, a glimpse of decorated art brought from different parts of the country will be seen. He told that glimpses of animals worshiped in the country will also be seen here. These include Garuda, Gaja, Ashwa and Magar. It is said that three galleries will be included here, which will show India’s journey from historical to modern times.

It is being told that there will also be two 75 feet high brass murals. Indian heritage and culture will be engraved on one of these. On the other hand, the story of the churning of the ocean will be narrated. Advait Ganayak, former head of the National Gallery of Modern Art, says that the history of the country and the picture of the 21st century will also be shown in the new building of Parliament.

75 artists try

The hard work of about 75 artists is involved in decorating the new parliament with art. An official said, ‘The art in Parliament on the basis of all religious affiliation will show the spiritual picture of India.’

there will be three special doors

It is being said that three new gates are also included in the new Parliament House, which will be known as Gyan Dwar, Shakti Dwar and Karma Dwar. Apart from this, possibilities are also being expressed that the name of the new building of Parliament can also be given a new one. Recently, the government had changed the name of Rajpath to Karthikpath. Granite statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhimrao Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and Chanakya will be installed in the building.

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