A thief found a way to penetrate the corona virus in the body, claims in research – treatment challenge increased

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A burglar way has been discovered to penetrate the corona virus into the body. This shocking revelation has been revealed through two scientific studies published in the journal Science. This protein found in human cells gives way to corona virus to enter the body. Significantly, till now it was believed that the protein named ACE-2 allows the corona virus to enter the body.

Actually, the outer part of the corona virus is spiked or spiked. On the outer surface of these spikes is a special type of protein that binds to the protein ACE-2 of human cells. In this way, the corona virus penetrates inside that human cell and increases its number by breeding there. In this way the virus occupies the entire body. In new research, scientists have detected a protein called neuropilin-1 present in human cells. This protein is completely independent of ACE-2 protein, but it also acts as a receptor or receptor of the Kovid virus in the body. That is, through this also the spike of Kovid virus can infect a human cell.

First research: new protein found on corona virus
Researchers at the University of Bristol, England, have detected the corona virus entering the body via neuropilin-1 protein. The research found that by studying the spike protein, the fraction of neuropilin-1 protein present in the human cell was present on the virus. Researcher James L. Daly says that this is possible only when the virus has the ability to infect this protein. He found in laboratory research that only corona virus could infect human cells with neuropilin-1 protein. In this way, they concluded that ACE-2 and neuropilin-1 are two proteins that the corona virus can almost equally infect.

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Second research: new protein necessary for corona’s body attack
Scientists in Germany and Finland, adopting almost identical techniques, came to the same conclusion that there is another way of entry of the virus in the body, which is the neuropilin-1 protein. The special thing is that the researchers found that if the neuropilin-1 protein is blocked by antibodies in the body, then the virus of Kovid-19 will not be able to infect human cells.

Earlier this protein was considered beneficial
Prior to the new scientific claim, scientists believed that neuropilin-1 protein is helpful in the development of blood vessels in the body. No one suspected that the neurosilin-1 protein could give the corona virus a secret way to enter the body’s nervous system.

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Treatment challenge increased
Experts say the ACE-2 receptor and spike protein have been targeted so far in the treatment of corona patients or the corona vaccine being made. So now scientists have to find new treatments by targeting neuropilin-1 so that the infection does not spread in the patient.

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