A snake created a stir in 16000 houses! Why are people shocked?

A snake created a stir in 16000 houses!  Why are people shocked?

Many times there is a stir when a snake enters the house. But a surprising incident has come to light from America, where due to a snake, something happened in 16000 houses at the same time, which made everyone sleepless. Now there is a lot of discussion about this. In fact, a snake entered a substation in the US city of Austin. During this he came in contact with an electric circuit which caused a power failure. After this incident, the electricity of about 16 thousand houses was cut off.

Fox News reported that the incident occurred at 1 a.m. on May 16 and affected approximately 16,000 subscribers. Due to the snake, the electricity of thousands of people’s houses went off. Austin Energy said in a tweet that due to the snake, the electricity of the people’s homes has failed. A snake came in contact with an electrical circuit at one of their substations, causing a power failure. After an hour the power was restored again.

Matt Mitchell, a spokesman for Austin Energy, said the company is now in the process of installing low-voltage electric snake fencing around the substation to keep such creatures away from power houses. So that such incidents do not happen in future. Speaking about the fencing, a spokesperson for Austin Energy said, “Hopefully, this work will prevent interference from snakes and such creatures. This type of situation is not good for power. So we can safely restore power.” Want to finalize the process as soon as possible.”

Last year, a similar incident happened in Japan, where about 10,000 homes suddenly lost power. In this case also a snake fell into the electric substation after which it died. According to the investigators, the snake got burnt only when it came in contact with the electric wires. He had come in contact with a live wire and as a result the smoke alarm went off and six fire engines rushed to the spot. The snake was found dead, after the incident power was lost to around 10,000 homes.

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