A new disaster has come in this country! Big danger after Corona; 1.5 million people affected

What is Hikikomori? After the Corona epidemic, the whole world somehow gets scared of a new threat. Now a new danger, a new disease has started spreading in Japan. The name of this disease is ‘Hikikomori’. After the Kovid epidemic, the infection of this disease is increasing all over Japan. Recently a survey in Japan has come to know about this. At least 1.5 million working people are affected by this disease. Experts say the problem was exacerbated in Japan.

what is hikikomori

Hikikomori is a problem in which people become completely isolated from society. Wants to stop meeting people and live a lonely life. Hikikomori is a term mainly used for youth. The most common symptom of this ‘disease’ is isolation. Being locked in a house for days, sometimes years. According to experts, this situation is being created under the pressure of the existing social system. For example, high expectations in education, fierce competition and gradual alienation from people are the reasons for this problem.

how hikikomori is spreading

In the beginning, one or two people were affected by hikikomori. But when the number increases, it affects the whole society. The person affected by this problem has to face social loss as well as economic complications. Because there is no employment, there is no permanent relationship in personal life. According to experts, if this continues, then its effect will be huge. There will be a drastic reduction in the birth rate in the country, old age will increase. Gradually the country’s economy will suffer.

survey on hikikomori

In November last year, the Japanese Cabinet Office conducted a survey on this. 30 thousand people aged 10 to 69 took part in this survey. It has been found that 2 percent of people aged 15 to 62 suffer from hikikomori. In some cases, the local administration says no action is being taken and the problem is getting worse. Starting next June, the Tokyo administration will organize various social gatherings in the online metaverse. There, hikikomori victims can talk to others. According to research reports, at least 9,000 people in Tokyo are affected by hikikomori. There are many students who have left school and college.

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