92-year-old Sarwan met his nephew living in Pakistan after 75 years of Partition, the story will make emotional

A year ago, Pakistan-based independent journalist Javed Mohammad made a video of Mohan Singh (82) visiting his house in Chak-37 village of Sahiwal district in Pakistan. Mohammad was shocked to learn that Mohan Singh was separated from his family at the time of partition but then he could not meet his family even once. Mohan Singh tells Mohammad about his 92-year-old uncle Sarwan Singh. Sarwan Singh Indian lives in Bhauddinpur, 25 km from Jalandhar district in Punjab.

The 92-year-old man, now living in Punjab, met his nephew living in Pakistan on Monday. The two met after 75 years of being separated at the time of Partition. Many of his relatives were also killed in the communal riots that were taking place at that time. Sarwan Singh will meet his brother’s son Mohan Singh at the historic Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib. Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, spent his last time in Kartarpur, now located in Pakistan.

Sarwan Singh’s grandson Parvinder told PTI over phone, “Nanaji is very happy today, as he is going to visit his nephew in Kartarpur Sahib.” Parvinder told that Mohan Singh was six years old at the time of partition and he is now a Muslim, as he was brought up by a Muslim family in Pakistan. Two YouTubers from India and Pakistan have played an important role in meeting the two relatives after 75 years.

Jandiala’s YouTuber has documented several stories related to Partition and a few months back he met Sarwan Singh and posted his life story on his YouTube channel. Across the border, a Pakistani tuber narrates the story of Mohan Singh, who was separated from his family during Partition. Incidentally, a man of Punjabi origin living in Australia saw both the videos and helped reunite the relatives.

In a video, Sarwan told that his estranged nephew had two thumbs in one hand and a big mole on one thigh. Parvinder said similar things were shared about Mohan in a video posted by a Pakistani YouTuber. Later, the man living in Australia contacted both the families on both sides of the border. Parvinder said that Nanaji recognized Mohan through his symbols.

Sarwan’s family used to live in village Chak 37 which is now in Pakistan and 22 members of his extended family were killed in violence during partition. Sarvan and his family members had managed to come to India. Mohan Singh had survived the violence but was separated from the family and later brought up by a Muslim family in Pakistan.

Sarvan lives in Canada with his son, but due to Kovid-19, he is stuck with his daughter in Sandhaman village near Jalandhar. Parvinder said that his mother Rachpal Kaur also accompanied Sarwan to Kartarpur Gurdwara.

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