70th day of war: EU ready to ban Russian oil and banks, President Putin also imposed sanctions


On the 70th day of the Russo-Ukraine war, the Russian President ordered his country to retaliate against sanctions imposed by other countries. The European Union (EU), on the other hand, proposed the toughest sanctions ever against Russia. These include phased oil and bank sanctions.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to avenge the actions of Western countries and international organizations for imposing economic sanctions. According to the Kremlin, Putin has asked the cabinet to prepare a list of people and companies against whom retaliatory sanctions are to be imposed within 10 days. Russia will not do any business with the people on this list.

At the same time, in the midst of heavy bombing by Russian forces on Ukraine, the EU has made preparations to ban the purchase of oil from Russia. It also includes Russia’s largest bank Sberbank and two finance companies. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that Putin will have to pay a heavy price for his brutal aggression.

Crude oil prices jump 3%

The European Commission proposes to phase out the supply of Russian crude and refined products over 6 months by the end of 2022. This will put a huge strain on Russia’s already $1.8 trillion economy. Following the news, the price of Brent crude jumped 3 per cent to more than $1.8 a barrel. However, Slovakia and Hungary have refused to support it because they depend on Russia for their energy needs.

Many people still trapped in the steel plant

Many people are still trapped there because of the bombing of the Mariupol Steel Plant. However, more than 101 people have been evacuated. But Ukraine has said that many civilians are still trapped there. Due to the Russian attack, many people here are very upset due to lack of supply of essentials.

Do not think that Russia will not attack other countries

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has warned that no country should think that Russia cannot attack them. He said that if Finland and Sweden want to join NATO, then Germany will support it. However, both have not taken any decision regarding this yet.

Pope’s diplomacy failed to stop Ukraine war

Pope Francis could not leave any diplomatic mark in the Russian attack on Ukraine. His appeal for a ceasefire on Easter had no effect. His scheduled meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church was cancelled. He can’t even go to Moscow. The Pope could not use his moral authority, the ‘soft power’ or the convenience of having a direct line of dialogue with Moscow, to stop a war or at least a ceasefire.

Russia will try to capture two Ukrainian cities: Britain

The British army says that Russia will try to capture the cities of Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine. The British military made the remarks at the daily briefing on Twitter about the war on Wednesday. The Defense Ministry said Russia has deployed about 22 battalion tactical groups near Izium as part of its efforts to advance in the region. There are about 800 soldiers in each unit. There is a strong possibility of him moving towards Izium.