6 Lok Sabha seats, 1 Rajya Sabha MP, 2 MLC in 2024 elections: Who will give this much alliance to Chirag Paswan?

6 Lok Sabha seats, 1 Rajya Sabha MP, 2 MLC in 2024 elections: Who will give this much alliance to Chirag Paswan?

The demand and demand of LJP-Ram Vilas President and Jamui MP Chirag Paswan, who fielded candidates for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party in the 2020 assembly elections, reduced JDU to 43 seats. Chirag, who has declared himself Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, may do all the work according to the BJP, but his party LJP-Ram Vilas is not yet a part of the NDA because his uncle Pashupati Paras’s party Ralojpa sat there after breaking his party. happened.

Now 2023 is half over and 2024 is just around the corner. By this time next year, preparations for the swearing in of the next government would be on or would have been done. In such a situation, Chirag Paswan’s sentiment has increased from BJP to RJD. Chirag’s hold and influence on the votes of Dalits and Paswan in that too is not that of his uncle Pashupati Paras, who broke five MPs and formed a new party. BJP also knows this thing and RJD too.

In 2020, when Chirag left the BJP for not getting a seat of his choice in the NDA and was putting a photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his poster, the BJP had stopped him from putting the photo. Regarding LJP’s 5 out of 6 MPs, uncle Pashupati Paras first claimed the party, later formed a new party and became a minister in the central government. The central government vacated Chirag Paswan’s bungalow at 12 Janpath, which he wanted to keep as a memory of his father.

Chirag’s friendship with Tejashwi but Nitish will block the way in Grand Alliance

A lot has happened between BJP and Chirag in these three years, but Chirag, who has emerged as a staunch opponent of Nitish, is aware of the ground reality and the political options before him. That’s why Chirag Paswan himself or any leader of his party does not talk like this for BJP. JDU’s supreme leader Nitish Kumar remains on everyone’s target who is running the government with the support of Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav’s RJD, Congress, Hum along with the Left.

Anand Mohan release: RJD-JDU grand alliance is preparing to play on these 10 seats of Lok Sabha in 2024!

Unhappy Chirag has started celebrating for not getting the support of BJP in bad times. Chirag was given Z category security after meeting Home Minister Amit Shah in December last year. But in April, when Amit Shah said in Bihar that he would contest and win 40 seats in Bihar in 2024, Chirag also replied that his party was also preparing to contest 40 seats. The Paswan vote is believed to have played an important role in the BJP’s victory in the Kudni and Gopalganj by-elections.

Chirag’s condition for alliance- BJP should exclude Pashupati Paras from government and NDA

Chirag Paswan wants to maintain a good relationship with the BJP and its top leadership as he too knows the fate of fighting alone. After contesting 135 seats in the 2020 elections, he could win only one seat, even though his party defeated JDU on many seats. Chirag has good relations with Lalu Yadav’s RJD and Tejashwi Yadav but he has a figure of 36 with Nitish, so the chances of Chirag’s pulse melting in the Grand Alliance are negligible.

Sources in LJP-Ram Vilas say that Chirag Paswan has put his conditions in front of BJP for the alliance in 2024 elections. The first condition is that uncle Pashupati Paras should be sent off from the government and the alliance. After that Chirag needs 6 Lok Sabha seats as well as 1 Rajya Sabha seat and 2 Legislative Council seats to fight. Chirag says that he will not accept any reduction in the number of seats his party got in 2019.

Chirag Paswan will prepare to contest elections on all Lok Sabha and Assembly seats

Sanjay Paswan, Principal General Secretary of LJP in Bihar and close to Chirag, says that LJP fought alone in 2020 for not getting a respectable seat and in 2024 also it can fight alone if it does not get a respectable seat. Sanjay Paswan said that 6 Lok Sabha, 1 Rajya Sabha and 2 Legislative Council seats will be a respectable agreement for LJP. When asked what would Chirag do if the BJP did not give all this, Paswan said that the appropriate decision in the interest of the party would be taken at the right time.

Upendra Kushwaha wants 3 seats, BJP gave RLSP three seats in 2014 elections

Sources say that BJP wants to contest 30-32 seats out of 40 in Bihar this time. The problem before the BJP is that it has to fight Chirag Paswan, Pashupati Kumar Paras, Upendra Kushwaha and Mukesh Sahni in the remaining 8-10 seats. Just like Chirag is asking for 6 seats, similarly Paras is also asking for seats for the existing 5 MPs of his party.

Center kind on Upendra Kushwaha, gets Z category security; Big bet before Lok Sabha elections?

When Upendra Kushwaha contested the 2014 elections staying in the NDA, then his party RLSP got 3 seats and won all three. Kushwaha became a minister but when JDU came back to NDA, his equation kept deteriorating and he finally left NDA. Sources associated with Kushwaha say that now his new party RLJD needs 3 seats in the 2024 elections as well. Sources also say that Kushwaha can form an alliance even after getting 2 Lok Sabha and 1 Legislative Council seat.

Mukesh Sahni wants as many seats from BJP as Chirag Paswan gets

Mukesh Sahni has emerged as a respected leader of the Mallah vote in caste mobilization and was with the NDA in the 2020 assembly elections, contesting 11 seats and winning four. By the way, Mukesh Sahni had lost his own seat. Sahni had to pay the price for contesting the assembly elections against the BJP in UP. When Mukesh Sahni refused to resign, Nitish Kumar sacked him from the cabinet. Earlier, the BJP inducted all three of their remaining MLAs.

What is VIP’s strategy regarding the Lok Sabha elections? Mukesh Sahni disclosed

A VIP MLA Musafir Paswan had passed away. In the by-election on Musafir Paswan’s Bochahan seat, the RJD wrested the seat by fielding MLA’s son Amar Paswan as its candidate. BJP’s experience with Sahni has been worse than Chirag but now he too is at BJP’s doorstep for an alliance in 2024. Sahni’s condition is that Chirag Paswan needs as many seats as he gets.

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