6 Cake and sword instead of knife; Police made Raja’s birthday more ‘memorable’

These days there is a craze among the youth to celebrate birthdays in a special way. He wants to celebrate his birthday in such a way that it becomes memorable. Many times, in this effort, they do something, due to which they have to repent. Something similar happened with a young man in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In the birthday, instead of a knife, it has become heavy for him to cut the cake with a sword. After the video of the birthday went viral, he had to face lock-up.

The case is of Sajipur Bogha area of ​​Ahmedabad. Here a young man celebrated his birthday by standing on the road at night. He is seen placing at least 6 cakes on two-wheelers and cutting them with a sword. The name ‘RAJA’ is written on the cake. The video made by his friends went viral on social media. The video reached Krishnanagar police, after which action was taken against him. The birthday he wanted to make memorable, he would not even want to remember it now.

When the Krishnanagar police started investigation, it came to know that his name is Prateek Bhagwanbhai Solanki. He is also affectionately called Dost Raja. After this, Inspector AJ Solanki of Krishnanagar police station registered a case. The police went home and arrested him. Prateek told in police interrogation that he works as a driver and his friends had brought the birthday cake. He wanted to celebrate the birthday in a special way and hence decided to use a sword instead of a knife. However, now he is repenting and is promising the police never to commit such a mistake in future.

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