30 kg silver found from BJP leader’s well, 1400 kg of silver being looted

30 kg silver found from BJP leader’s well, 1400 kg of silver being looted

Madhya Pradesh Police has recovered 100 kg of silver from Dewas. According to information, the hand of Kanjar gang of Dewas is involved in this. Earlier on March 4, four accused were arrested along with 70 kg of silver. In the recovered silver, 30 kg of silver was recovered from the well of BJP leader Gautam Singh Rajput. The recovery of such a huge quantity of silver is being seen from the film style silver robbery on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway in Gujarat. In this incident of February 17, about 1400 kg of silver was looted.

According to the Dewas Police, they received information that there is some silver item lying around. Police said that when a search was made in a well in the forest, a sack came out of it. About thirty kilos of silver has come out of the sack. Police said that the entire silver has been seized.

In this matter, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gautam Singh Rajput told that he has a well in the forest. The well is attached to the lands of people of criminal tendency. Due to being in the forest, no one takes care of the well, so that well is adjacent to the land of criminals. The BJP leader told that these people have committed thefts in Haryana as well. Mentioning the name of the culprit Hemraj Jhala, he said that the SP of the district was also informed about this.

bike chain was found in the well

The BJP leader said that the well was excavated last year, even then bike chains were found in the well. He said that being in the forest, no one lives here, so it has become an easy way for criminals to hide goods.

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