27 people got into a small car, Guinness World Record tweeted the video

People do not know what they do to get their name registered in the Guinness World Records. Now a video is going viral on social media in which 27 people get into a normal 5 seater Mini Cooper. Guinness World Records has tweeted this video from its official Twitter handle. In the video, some people can be seen twisting their bodies and entering the car. There is a line of volunteers to enter the car and then one by one 27 people go inside.

GWR tweeted this video on 6 September. Actually this video is 8 years old. It was used in the UK. Various methods were found at that time to make records. The situation was that people were sitting on top of the people sitting on the seat, due to which the whole car was filled like straw.

After going viral on the internet, people were also commenting on this video in different ways. One user wrote, all this is fun only until someone gets into an accident. Let us tell you that recently a person from America had covered a distance of 61 kilometers by sitting in a big hollow pumpkin. He had also grown pumpkin himself. All this was done only to create a Word record.

27 people were sitting in auto in India

People were having a lot of fun watching this old video. However, in India such incidents are seen on the road. In July, a video surfaced in which 27 people get down from an auto. The police were also surprised to see this. The case was of Bindki Kotwali of Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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