24 years ago Lalu Yadav made him a direct minister, now Samrat Chaudhary will make Tejashwi’s cot

24 years ago Lalu Yadav made him a direct minister, now Samrat Chaudhary will make Tejashwi’s cot

Leader of Opposition in Bihar Legislative Council Samrat Chaudhary has been appointed as the new President of Bihar BJP. He has replaced the outgoing State President Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal. Samrat Chaudhary has received political education in RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s school. He started his politics from RJD only. Samrat Chaudhary first became a minister in the RJD government in the year 1999. His father Shakuni Chaudhary was also a minister in the RJD government.

Political experts tell that Lalu Yadav made Samrat Chaudhary a minister for the first time in 1999 only on the behest of Shakuni Chaudhary. Samrat Chaudhary had himself expressed his desire to become a minister to his father. Please tell that at that time Shakuni Chowdhary was considered very special to Lalu. At that time, the BJP had created a controversy regarding the age of Samrat Chaudhary. Samrat Chaudhary was too young to become a minister. Samrat Chaudhary had to resign after the controversy arose.

Luv-Kush society is with Ram, the era of Lalu-Nitish is over; Samrat Chaudhary’s roar as soon as he became the state BJP president

Samrat Chaudhary has been the Minister of Agriculture, Urban Development and Housing and Panchayati Raj in the state. Samrat Chaudhary (54 years), a resident of Lakhanpur village of Tarapur block of Munger district, has been MLA from Parbatta in Khagaria district. From July 1, 2020, he is a member of the Legislative Council. In August 2022, he was made the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. Prior to this, he was the Panchayati Raj Minister in the NDA government.

Preparation for burglary in JDU’s core vote Kushwaha

The BJP high command has handed over the command of Bihar BJP to Samrat Chaudhary. Samrat Chaudhary, who came to BJP only eight years ago, comes from the Kushwaha community. Kushwaha Samaj is included in the base vote of JDU. Behind giving the responsibility of president to the emperor of BJP, JDU’s strong mass base on this society is believed to be his own goal. Significantly, the BJP will contest the next Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Bihar under the leadership of Samrat Chaudhary. In such a situation, the BJP has played a big bet by handing over the reins of the party to Samrat Chaudhary in the state. By the way, JDU gave the responsibility of state president to Umesh Singh Kushwaha of this society two years ago. He still remains.

Supporter of BJP to the upper castes, JDU’s dominance over the most backward

In Bihar, the upper castes are considered to be supporters of the BJP, whereas the most backward are considered to be dominated by the JDU. In the backward community, different castes are considered to be supporters of different parties. After Nityanand Rai and Sanjay Jaiswal, by giving the command of the state president to Samrat Chaudhary, BJP has also tried to give a message that the backward society is its priority. On the lines of UP, only time will tell how effective this bet of BJP will be to bring non-‘My’ voters into its fold. It may be known that after Mangal Pandey, Samrat is the third backward community leader to take charge of the party in the state. On the other hand, Nityanand Rai and Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal come from the background of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh but Samrat Chowdhary’s background is not from Sangh. In view of the current political challenges of Bihar and social equation, BJP has presented Samrat Chaudhary as an alternative.

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