17 people gang-raped woman in front of husband at knife point, identification of one, police engaged in investigation

In Jharkhand, atrocities against women are not taking a name. On Tuesday evening, an incident in Dumka embarrassed humanity. A 35-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by 17 people in Mufassil police station area of ​​Dumka. DIG Sudarshan Mandal said, “The incident allegedly happened when the woman was returning home from the market. She has been sent for medical examination.”

The incident occurred near Ghansipur village in Dumka block area around 7 pm on Tuesday. The victim was returning from Ghansipur weekly Haat with her husband. While returning, the youth caught them both. Five youths tied the arms and legs of the first husband. After this, 17 young men were gang-raped by taking the woman to the bush. The helpless husband kept trying to save his wife, but the youth also beat him up. During this time, the accused youths placed knives on the husband’s neck. After the execution of the gang-rape, all the men escaped leaving the husband and wife on the spot.

An accused was identified
Due to darkness, the couple could identify only one young man among the 17 youths. The accused has been identified as Ramu Mohali, a resident of Golpur. The arrest of the young man has not been done yet. The victim gave information about the incident to the head of the panchayat, the village head and the villagers. On Wednesday morning, the chief, village head and rural women reached the Mufassil police station with the victim couple and informed the police about the gangrape.

DIG Sudarshan Prasad Mandal, SP Amber Lakra and DSP Vijay Kumar immediately reached the police station and took full information of the incident from the victim. Officers questioned the couple for about an hour. After this, DMCH was sent for medical examination. Here, the police have started raids to nab the said young man. Police say that only after the said youth is caught, other youths will be able to be detected. Police also took stock of the incident. There is a lot of outrage among the villagers from the gang rape incident.

In this regard, Dumka DIG Sudarshan Prasad Mandal said that the woman has complained of gang rape in the police station. The woman has said that she was raped by 17 youths in turn. A woman involved in the gang rape case has been identified by the woman. The rest of the youth have not been identified by the woman. The gang rape case is under investigation. The woman has been sent to DMCH for medical checkup.

The victim came to the hospital about a month ago
The victim is married in Kathikund area of ​​Dumka district. His maternal home is under the Ghansipur Panchayat. She had come with her husband to Maika a month ago. The couple came here to harvest paddy. The marriage had left their three children in-laws. The couple came to Maiden with the other two children. After the paddy harvesting, both of them had gone to Ghansipur weekly Haat to get the goods. While returning, the youth carried out the incident.

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