15 crores quarrel, murder was planned; What claims was made by the wife of Satish Kaushik’s friend

15 crores quarrel, murder was planned;  What claims was made by the wife of Satish Kaushik’s friend

New twists are coming in the death case of Bollywood actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik. The wife of Satish Kaushik’s friend has made several very serious allegations against her husband, suspecting him of killing Satish Kaushik. He has written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner for a high-level inquiry into the matter and has sent a copy to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Please inform that before his death on the day of Holi, Satish Kaushik had come to Delhi to attend a party at his friend Vikas Malu’s farm house.

Sanvi has written a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora to investigate the matter, suspecting her own husband for the suspicious death of Satish. Saanvi has sent this complaint through e-mail.

There was a fight in Dubai for Rs 15 crore

Saanvi Malu, wife of Satish’s friend Vikas Malu, told that Satish Kaushik was a friend of my husband and he often used to visit our house in India and Dubai. Sanvi Malu on Saturday made very serious allegations against her own husband, saying that about three years ago, Vikas Malu had borrowed Rs 15 crore from Satish Kaushik for investment, which he was not returning now. There was a dispute going on between them regarding the transaction of the same money. Last year on August 23, 2022, there was a fight between them in Dubai over money, she was also present there during the fight. Vikas had then told him to go to India and return his money.

New twist in Satish Kaushik death case, police got this thing

Saanvi told that in the bedroom on the night of the quarrel, when she asked her husband Vikas, “What money was this Satish ji asking for?”, Vikas said, “Yeh tharki has given 15 crores which drowned in Corona.” ”. Then I asked him what would happen now, he said, “The fucker is crazy, someday the Russians will call him and give him an overdose of blue pills, and he will die anyway.” Who is returning this money.

Vikas has a large collection of drugs

Saanvi told that my husband Vikas has a large collection of drugs like Cocaine, MDMA, GBH, Ganja, Charas, Blue Pills, Pink Pills, which he uses for parties in all farm houses in Delhi. I do. Whenever I used to ask him what these drugs and pills were for, he used to tell me, “You will not understand”.

Saanvi alleged that the next day, on August 24, 2022, Satish Kaushik again asked for his Rs 15 crore back, when Vikas Malu got angry and said, “You have said once that the loss has happened, but you are India.” I’ll go and return the money, don’t make too much noise. You have given Rs 15 crore in cash, you cannot take any legal action. Have patience.” Hearing this, Satish Kaushik got up from there and said to Vikas, “You have given me a promissory note of Rs 15 crore.” The same night, Vikas Malu told me, “Satish Kaushik’s early arrangement It has to be done, otherwise it will not be silent.

Saanvi says that now Vikas’s words have come true. In such a situation, there should be a thorough investigation into the death of Satish Kaushik. Saanvi has expressed his desire to be a witness in this case.

Dawood Ibrahim’s relation with Vikas

Saanvi said that Vikas Malu has good relations with politicians and police officers who save him from getting caught in the clutches of the law. Not only this, Vikas also has links with Dawood Ibrahim and his son Anas also attended the Dubai party. Vikas is a habitual criminal and many cases are going on against him, in which he has also gone to jail.

Delhi Police got medicines from farm house

Let us tell you that on Saturday, Delhi Police had recovered some medicines from the farm house where 66-year-old Satish Kaushik had attended a party. A day later, he died of a heart attack. The police, however, said that during interrogation, nothing suspicious or objectionable was found at the spot or from the room of the deceased, except some medicines. He stated that all the eyewitnesses were examined and their statements were recorded. Police said that the CCTV footage from the spot is also being seized and probed. According to the police, the cause of death has been mentioned as heart attack in the postmortem report.

Significantly, Saanvi is living separately from her husband Vikas Malu and has also filed a rape case against Vikas Malu and his son Vineet Malu.

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