You already know about India… How do those who do not have homes in America live?

You must have seen that in India many people live on the side of the road. Many people spend their lives near the railway station or on the platform. The number of such people in India is very high, who do not have a house to live in and they are homeless. By the way, this situation is also in America and there are homeless people in America, who do not have a house to live. But, do you know where in America those people who do not have a house, live. Is there any arrangement for them or do they live there like India.

In such a situation, today we tell you that what is the condition of America in the number of homeless people and how many people live there without a house. Along with the number of homeless people, let us tell you what are their living arrangements there…

How many homeless people are there?

Let us tell you that there is a deep crisis of homeless people in America. Those people come in this crisis, who neither have a house to live in nor a permanent place to hide their heads. If we talk about the number of such people, then the number of these people in America is in lakhs. According to reports, the total number of homeless people in America is 2 lakh 26 thousand. Most of these people live alone and their number is close to 2 lakh 9 thousand.

At the same time, there are about 17 thousand people who are with the whole family. This means they live with the family and the whole family does not have a place to live. Apart from this, there are thousands of people who are other and they do not have a place to live. Now the question is, how do so many millions of people live in America.

How do homeless people live?

According to a report by DW, millions of people in America who do not have homes, sometimes live on the streets, sometimes in tents and sometimes in cars and parking. After the corona epidemic, the number of such people has increased and now there are a large number of people who have no place to live. For these tents have been arranged at different places in many cities and some camps have been made. However, there is also a face to face to keep them in the camp and not to keep them.

Those who arrange tents for them say that they get a place to live and arrangements are made for them to stay in the tents cleanly. However, those who are against it say that keeping people in the camp is like a criminal. By the way, there is a system of garbage, cleaning etc. in these camps. However, now law has come against these camps in many cities in America, after which they are being removed. In such a situation, people have to juggle to live like India.

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