Why the controversy over the ‘Mughal tent’ at the Jaipur Literature Festival, why was it named so?

Why the controversy over the ‘Mughal tent’ at the Jaipur Literature Festival, why was it named so?

running in pink city Jaipur Literature Festival A new controversy has started. This time Mughal tent But the debate has started. BJP leaders have demanded to change the name of the Mughal tent. Actually, every year there are different places for discussion on literature, one such place is the Mughal tent. Controversy has arisen regarding its name. The organizers of JLF have directly refused to change the name of the Mughal tent.

Know how the controversy started, what arguments were given by the BJP leaders, what was the answer given by the organizers and why the tent was named after Mughal.

How did the controversy start?

On the second day of Jaipur Literature Festival, Rajasthan BJP MLA Ram Lal Sharma said in a video, this event is being held in Jaipur but the organizers do not know that it is our duty to name things based on the culture of Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap and Meerabai are from here, but the organizers have named the domes differently. The name of one of these domes is Mughal tent. By doing this, what kind of mentality are they trying to promote. The organizers of JFF should consider the historical culture of this land.

In his video, Ram Lal Sharma asked the organizers to reconsider changing the name of the Mughal tent. At the same time, BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria also justified the statement of Ram Lal and said, this festival is being done in the state for years, but by naming a tent after a Mughal, he hurt the sentiments of many people of the country. Is.

On these statements, JLF organizer Sanjay Roy said, our program has nothing to do with politics. That’s why he does not want to give any answer on these comments. There will be no change in the name of the tent.

JLF 2023

This is the Mughal tent of the festival on which a controversy has arisen.

Why was the Mughal tent built?

BJP leaders had talked about changing the name of the Mughal tent citing the culture of Rajasthan. On this, the organizer Sanjay Roy said in a conversation with the media, Rajasthan has a history of different rulers. There were also two great kings, Sawai Man Singh and Jai Singh, who were part of the Mughal Empire. That’s why I do not understand what is the reason for their protest.

He said, they are free to protest and we are free to name our venue. On why the tent was named Mughal, Sanjay says, when we started this festival from Diggi Palace, it was not an event of Mughals. Due to the architecture and design of the venue, it has been named Mughal tent. All the tents here have a connection with literature and special architecture.

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Talking to ANI, he said, those who say that why the tent was named after Mughal, they are forgetting that the word Mughal shows different worlds. Like- Hollywood Mogul tells a special kind of lifestyle.

Jaipur Literature Festival is organized under five types of tents. It includes the Front Lawn, Charbagh, Durbar Hall, Baithak and Mughal Tent.

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