Why Pannadhay, who saved him, is remembered more than Rana Udai Singh of Mewar… This was how he protected him!

Today is the birth anniversary of Rana Udai Singh of Mewar. Whenever the name of Udai Singh, one of the mighty kings of the Mewar dynasty, comes, along with his valor, there is a story about his rescue. Pannadhay is also mentioned with Udai Singh and it is said that if Pannadhay had not been there, neither Uday Singh would have survived and then history would have to be saved. Maharana Pratap Like heroes cannot be found. In fact, Pannadhay not only saved Rana Udai Singh, but also made a sacrifice behind him, which will be remembered for many centuries to come.

In such a situation, today we tell you about that story of sacrifice, which is immortal in history and will remain immortal in future. So know who was Pannadhay and how did he protect Udai Singh and what sacrifice did he make that he will be remembered for his sacrifice….

What is the story of Pannadhay?

Please tell that Maharana Sanga’s eldest son Bhojraj was married to Shiromani Mirabai and Sanga had two younger than Maharani Karmavati, whose names were sons Kunwar Vikramaditya and Udai Singh. At this time the maid’s son Banveer killed Vikramaditya first and later wanted to kill Udai Singh as well. In such a situation, he started making a conspiracy to kill Udai Singh. It is said that one night, when Banveer reached the palace to kill Udai Singh, Dhai Panna put Udai Singh to sleep in a safe place and put his son Chandan to sleep on Udai Singh’s bed.

After that, when Banveer reached the palace and asked about Udai Singh, he pointed to his son Chandan. After this, Banveer killed Pannadhay’s son Chandan in place of Udai Singh. Putting a stone on the chest, that glorious mother cremated sandalwood pieces of her liver. Hence Pannadhaya is remembered for his sacrifice, as he saved his king for the motherland while sacrificing his son. A mother sacrificing her son for the motherland, saving the life of Udai Singh, presented a unique example of nationalism.

Then Maharana Pratap was born

Udai Singh Udai Singh was the youngest son of Maharana Sanga. In Kumbhalgarh, he was married to Jaywanti Devi, the daughter of Akhairaj Sonagara of Pali. Then his Maharana Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh. At the same time, Udai Singh defeated Banveer and got Chittor and he became the new Maharana of Mewar. Then Maharana Pratap remained in Kumbhalgarh for a long time.

Who was Pannadhay?

Pannadhay’s father was Harchand ji Hankra and he was born in Pandoli village near Chittorgarh. Her husband was Surajmal, son of Chauhan Gotri Lalaji Gurjar of Kameri village. Panna had only one son, Chandan, who was sacrificed in his childhood and Panna had protected Kuldeepak Udai Singh of Mewar state.

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