Why Lalu-Lalan got chilli due to PFI ban? Owais was also shocked!

The central government called PFI i.e. Popular Front of India But banned for 5 years. NIA And Ed The Union Home Ministry has taken this decision after the terrorist connection was revealed in the raid. There is a lot of politics going on about this decision. Some parties are supporting this decision, while some parties have objection to this decision. After Congress MP K Suresh, Lalu Prasad targeted the RSS on the pretext of this decision, while JDU President Lalan Singh questioned the ban itself. At the same time, Owaisi has also objected to the action.

Be it Bihar based party RJD and JDU, be it Hyderabad based party AIMIM or Congress, this decision of the central government has got chilly. The big reason behind all this is the politics of these parties. According to political analysts, the section that is being affected by this decision has been involved in the vote bank of these parties. In such a situation, these parties are doing politics on the pretext of this decision.

Who objected to what?

Regarding the decision to ban PFI, Congress MP K Suresh demanded a ban on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He said- Banning PFI is not a solution. RSS is also spreading communalism. Take action on donations. On the other hand, RJD chief Lalu Prasad also made the same demand. He said that the Sangh is also working to spread Hindu communalism in the whole country, which is like PFI, so it should also be banned.

Here, JDU national president Lalan Singh demanded only evidence against the PFI from the central government. He said- after all what is the evidence against PFI? If the central government has imposed a ban against PFI, then what evidence it has got, should be presented. On the other hand, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that he opposes the view of PFI but cannot support the ban either. He objected as to why the government did not ban the right-wing majority organisations.

politics and mass

There is a big reason why these parties got chilly due to the ban on PFI – vote bank. Minorities are a big vote bank in Bihar. And it is this section which has been affected by the decision to ban PFI. Dr Rudresh Narayan Mishra, a media teacher at Delhi University, says that RJD has always fought elections on the MY (Muslim + Yadav) equation. Same is the case with JDU. They say that such parties are sure to have a vote bank in the class that is affected by PFI. On the pretext of ban on PFI, these parties are showing their soft corner somewhere towards the affected section.

Another researcher and columnist, Sunny Kumar, says that the RSS has been a mischief in the eyes of the Congress-RJD since its inception and it is not surprising that their demand for action on the RSS on the pretext of banning PFI is not surprising. They say that JDU President Lalan Singh demanding proof is ridiculous. UAPA is the law to ban any organization. This is a complete process, under which this step has been taken after a long investigation.

The terror link of PFI has been revealed in the raids of NIA and ED. The organization has been banned after getting documents of involvement in terrorist activities. It has come to the fore in the investigation that PFI has raised funds of about Rs 120 crore in a year. Apart from this, about 240 crores have been collected as cash. This amount has been raised from within the country and from the Gulf countries and evidence has also been found of these money being used in anti-national activities. Despite this, the parties are doing politics forcibly.

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