Why is there a fight over Taiwan and why does China consider it to be its property?

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Arrived, after which Taiwan was discussed. With the departure of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the anger of China also started coming to the fore. After this, now China is continuously threatening and has also started military exercises. As America entered Taiwan, China got angry. In such a situation, the question is why is China angry about the Taiwan issue. Well, it is not like this from today, but the quarrel has been going on for a long time.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you why there is a fight about Taiwan and why China considers it as its part. Also will tell you what is this whole dispute and what is the relationship between the two countries and what kind of legal system is there in Taiwan…

What is China’s point on Taiwan?

Actually, China believes that Taiwan is a province of it and soon it will become a part of China completely. But, Taiwan believes that it is a separate country and has nothing to do with the Chinese government. In such a situation, China keeps infiltrating Taiwan to intimidate and assert its authority over it and sometimes this infiltration is also done through fighter planes. In such a situation, there is a constant quarrel between the two countries. Let us tell you that Taiwan has its own constitution and they also have their own government. Many reports say that America is also in favor of Taiwan.

After all, how did the dispute between China and Taiwan happen?

Between 610 and 907 AD, when the Tang dynasty was in China, the people of China started settling in Taiwan. At that time China was a Dutch colony. According to reports, in 1894 there was a war between some empires of China and Japan and after the defeat by the Japanese army, a political rebellion started in China. After this, imperialism ended there again and the government of the Nationalist Comingtang Party was formed in China. What happened due to this that a lot of area came under the jurisdiction of the new government of China. Then its name became Republic of China.

Then the Second World War broke out around the world, and with the defeat of Japan, Taiwan again became the authority of the Nationalist Comingtang Party. But, the rule of the Communist Party was established in the mainland of China. Then around 1950, Beijing was occupied by the Communist Party of China, and then the people of the Kuomintang went to Taiwan. Then it became an important party in Taiwan. But, the Communist Party could not assert its authority over Taiwan. Since then the dispute continues and now China wants to take it under its jurisdiction.

What do other countries believe?

By the way, only some countries of the world consider Taiwan to be a separate country and many countries do not consider it a separate country due to the pressure of China. It is also an attempt of China that other countries should not do something that would give recognition to Taiwan, so China seems troubled by the arrival of America. Let us tell you that the economy of Taiwan means a lot to the world. The electronic gadgets of the world’s everyday use are made in Taiwan. It is here that most of the chip is produced. At the same time, if China completely captures Taiwan, then China will have control over such an important industry of the world.

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