Why is there a competition to make meat in labs around the world, know how different Germany’s ‘cleanmeat’ is?

Efforts are on to make meat artificially in many labs around the world. Similar preparations are going on in Germany as well. Biologist and Reutlingen University researcher Petra Kluger is making meat in the lab with the team. Which is being called Cleanmeat. The preparation for making it started from 2019. She says it is the need of the hour to prepare it.

Meat being prepared in Germany is different in some ways. For example, many nutrients including vitamin-D are being mixed in it. In such a situation, the question arises that how different is clean meat and why are scientists around the world trying to prepare artificial meat? Know the answers to these questions…

What is cleanmeat and how is it prepared?

To prepare cleanmeat, very small pieces of real meat are needed. From this small piece, separate the stem cell ie stem cell. After this, the number of these cells is increased manifold through a biological process in the lab so that artificial meat can be prepared. This is what has been named Cleanmeat. This is also because it is the cleanest way to prepare meat.

According to a DW report, more than 80 research groups around the world are working on making meat. In 2013, the company that prepared it for the first time, Mosameet, introduced the first burger made of artificial meat, which cost Rs 1.5 crore.

Why is there a need to prepare meat in the lab?

Petra Kluger, who has been working on the Cleanmeat project since 2019, says that the current situation is clear that there will not be enough food to eat in the coming 20 years. In such a situation, the meat prepared in the lab will be an essential food. To prepare meat in the lab, the process needs to be simpler and the meat cheaper to prepare, says Petra.

Petra and his team are trying to make meat differently in the lab. They are developing steroids from thousands of cells. She says, if this idea becomes a complete success, then we will be able to produce it on a large scale.

Are people excited for lab-made meat or not?

Most people look at the meat prepared in the lab with suspicion. A recent survey on artificial meat says that only 14 per cent people would like to eat it. In this too the maximum number is of youth because for them the meat made in the lab is like a part of a science fiction story.

Israeli startup Supermeat has been working for a long time to spread awareness among the people. This startup goes to restaurants and organizes parties for burgers prepared with artificial meat. In this way people get a chance to taste the dishes prepared from the meat made in the lab.

How is Cleanmeat different?

Petra says, the meat we are preparing in our own way can be changed according to the need of the people. For example, such meat can be prepared for pregnant women in which there is sufficient amount of folic acid. Or vitamin-D and easy-to-chew meat can also be prepared for the elderly.

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