Why is the cut made on one edge of the mobile sim, this is its secret

With the passage of time, many changes are also coming in technology. There has been a change from mobile to SIM size. As a result, now users are getting better facilities. Talking about mobile SIM cards, earlier there were normal SIMs which are rectangular. After this there was a slight change in the size of the SIM, which was shocking. One edge of the normal sim was cut off. Not only this, the same design was given in the slot where the SIM was placed.

The surprising thing is that most people do not know why the SIM was changed after all? Why was a cut made on one side of it and what effect did the mobile network companies have on the user? Know the answers to these questions

So it was time to cut the SIM.

In the early days, there were such phones in which there was no need to install a SIM, they were called postpaid phones. Then the trend of prepaid phones started and companies started making SIMs. The four corners of the SIM were made equal, so people did not understand while putting it in the slot, whether they were putting it straight or upside down. He used to try to put it again and again when it was not installed properly.

In most cases, due to the SIM being reversed, it either got stuck or the chip in the SIM got damaged. To find a solution to this problem, companies planned to change the design of the SIM. After the change, such a sim was made which was cut on one edge.

How much work has this change proved?

Companies started releasing by putting a cut on a part of the SIM. Due to the change in the design of the SIM, the companies also had to change the SIM tray installed in the mobile. After that it was easy to install it in mobile. The size built into the SIM tray makes it easy to fit the SIM. In this way, the cases of SIM failure or chip damage were stopped.

Due to the cut mark, the user found it easier to put it in the tray. The new size of SIM card became so popular around the world that it was adopted by almost all companies. Not only this, it also got recognition from ISO at the international level. At present, the French company Idemia, which makes SIM cards, is the largest company in the world. Now Idea is planning to make India the SIM card hub of the world.According to media reports, the Idea company is in the process of expanding the production of SIM cards in India.

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