Why is it only 9.41 o’clock when the iPhone is shown? this is the reason

Today the eyes of the world are on the Apple event. Actually, today Apple is going to launch the iPhone-14 series. In such a situation, people are waiting that this time what is going to be special in Apple phone technology. Apart from this, want to know what is going to be different in iPhone-14. Maybe you too have an eye on the Apple event. If you are a fan of iPhone, then you must have noticed that when Apple’s phone is released or its photo is published somewhere, then the time is 9.41 in it.

Yes, if you go to Apple’s website and see a phone or go to Google and see the photo of Apple iPhone, then you will know that every photo of Apple iPhone will be 9.41 minutes only. It may be that when the phone is launched today, you will see only 9:41 in its pictures. Then we know why this happens and what is the story behind it happening.

What is the story behind it?

The time shown in the photo of the iPhone is the most common among all the iPhones. Let us tell you that since the time the iPhones are being launched, there is only one time in the phone. This has been happening for many years and the time in every Apple device is 9.41 minutes only. In fact, when the first iPhone was released in the year 2007, during this event, Steve Jobs wanted that when the phone appeared during the presentation, it should be the exact time of that time. For example, if the phone is launched at 8 o’clock, then the time of 8 o’clock should also be shown on the screen.

Then for this, the first calculation is done that when the phone is being launched, then how many will ring. In such a situation, it was decided before the time of the slide of the presentation and when the phone was launched, it was 9.42 minutes at that time. Earlier too, the time was set at 9:42 minutes by applying calculations. After this, when the phone was launched and its first photo was shown, then the time was 9.42 minutes.

Then where did it come from at 9:41 pm?

It is claimed in many reports that during that time the phone was launched a minute ago and at that time it was 9.42 minutes. After this this time was changed in the year 2010 and since then it is tried to launch the phone at 9:41 pm. At the launch of the first iPad in 2010, when the picture of the device appeared, it was playing 9:41.

Since then it has been decided that whenever any device of Apple is presented, it has only 9.41 minutes in it. The same time keeps happening in the phones which are shown on the website as well. You can see yourself by going to Apple’s website or Google, the time of iPhone is only 9.41 minutes.

What’s special about the iPhone 14?

Talking about the iPhone, it is being told that the iPhone 14 can be upgraded from camera to other features. Some reports have said that the new iPhone 14 Pro models can get a higher capacity battery. There will also be no need to put a SIM in the iPhone 14 Pro. Users can use e-SIM technology. Also, auto-focus can be found for the first time in the front and the facial recognition sensor can be improved.

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