Why is China so scared of Nancy? Understand why equations are deteriorating in 5 points

of the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi Arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday. He President Sai Ing Wen Met and talked about giving help from America at every level. China is stunned by Nancy’s visit to Taiwan. China is so scared of his visit that it even threatened not to allow his plane to land in Taiwan. Ignoring the threat, Nancy reached Taiwan. met the President. All possible help assured.

Tension between the US and China reached its peak due to this visit of the speaker. Know why China is so scared and irritated of 82-year-old Nancy Pelosi because of this tour?

  1. Support for the protesters:China is known for suppressing the voice of the people, but Nancy Pelosi’s mood has been the opposite. In 1989, there were protests against the Chinese government in Beijing. To suppress the voice, the government opened fire on the students and tanked the protesters. This became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In 1991, Nancy reached Tiananmen, China and waved a banner in support of the slain protesters. China’s foreign ministry called it a farce.
  2. Allegations of lying:China has accused Nancy Pelosi of lying several times. Currently, Nancy sits at the third highest position after US President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. In such a situation, China fears that if it attacks Taiwan, then Nancy can become a big threat to them, because this is a period when relations between China and America have already soured.
  3. Describing the communist regime as tyrannical:Pelosi’s stance on China’s communist government has always been negative. After the Tiananmen Square massacre, Pelosi played an important role in bringing a resolution of condemnation against China in the US. Recently, on the 33rd anniversary of this massacre, the Communist regime in China was described as tyrannical. Not only this, in 2002 Pelosi had demanded the release of human rights activists from China and Tibet after the arrest, which was rejected by China.
  4. Opposed China in Olympic Games:Pelosi has always been vocal about the way human rights have been violated in China. On this issue, he has opposed the Olympic Games to be held in China for a long time. Not only this, in 2008, he requested the then US President George Bush to boycott the opening ceremony of China’s Summer Olympics, although this was not possible.
  5. Raised the issue of Vigar Muslims:Pelosi raised her voice many times about the atrocities on Vigar Muslims living in China. their issuesBut surrounded the Chinese government. The Kingdom of Mongolia was once occupied by the Vigar Muslims, but at present it is going through its worst phase. China is torturing them, which Pelosi has opposed many times. This is the reason why China is so jealous of Pelasi.

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