Why do the cases of arson increase in summer and why there are so many deaths, understand every important thing from the expert

27 people died in a fire in Delhi’s Mundka building. More than 100 people were rescued. According to Chief Fire Officer Atul Garg, 30 to 40 people are still feared trapped in the building. This is not the first incident of fire since the onset of summer. If we look at the cases of arson, then one thing is clear that the incidents of fire increase in summer. But is their connection really related to summer or due to carelessness such cases increase or is there any other reason behind it? How can such cases be prevented?

To know the answers to all such questions, we spoke to Fire Safety Expert Dr. Ravindra Kumar Teotia. He answered many such questions. Read full report…

Why do fire incidents increase in summer?

Incidents of fire can happen in any season, but there are many reasons for their increase in summer. For example, due to excessive running of SC, fans, coolers and electric equipment, the load increases. As a result, the risk of fire increases due to sparking, short circuit. This is the reason in most of the cases.

Even more important than the fire, why so many people die in it, while the necessary arrangements are claimed in the building. Let us understand this with the example of this incident in Delhi. The recent incident took place in a three-storey building. In such a situation, the question is why people could not get out of the three-storey building.

How did 27 people die in one incident of arson?

Experts say that the incident of fire can also happen due to small reasons, but in such a situation, the biggest effort should be to stop the death toll. One should try to understand why the cases of death increase after a fire.

As most buildings and complexes lack ventilation, the stairs are either very thin or stuff is kept on them, despite having many stairs, they are closed, leaving only one way for a person to climb up and down. , there is wiring damage, decaying electric board, lack of warning system and the presence of more people in the building than its capacity.

These are the reasons that increase the number of deaths after the incident of arson as it becomes difficult for them to get out during the incident. As a result, they die.

How can cases of arson and death be prevented?

The NCRB report says, every year about 10 thousand people die due to incidents of arson. Experts say, taking care of some things, the figures of such cases and deaths can be reduced. As-

  1. Fire safety arrangements should be completed in every building. There should be fire safety drills from time to time.
  2. The stairs should be clean and free, so that it can be easily removed at the time of incident.
  3. In a densely populated place or complex, there should be no flammable material.
  4. There should be a map of every building and information about what to do in case of fire.
  5. Every building should have fire alarms so that people can be alerted in time.
  6. In most cases, people remain spectators in such places, avoid doing so. Leave that place immediately.