Why did Richard Burton say that the British are weak in front of Indian women?

The story begins 200 years ago when the East India Company was advancing rapidly in India. As it was getting stronger, the Mughal Empire was getting weaker. After the Battle of Plassey, the East India Company gained the right to receive revenue in Bengal and Bihar. As a result, the company started getting rich.

The situation was that the officers of the company started adopting the lifestyle of the Mughals. Marrying many Indian women like the Mughals had become his hobby. From dress to food, the British were doing everything like the Mughals, but were proving to be laggy in satisfying Indian women. His sexual ability was weak.

It has also been mentioned by Sir Richard Burton, the famous British writer of that era and the translator of Kamasutra. Read how was the atmosphere of that period and what Richard wrote…

Used to be strict by day and ‘Mughal’ by night

British officer Sir David Ochterlony was one of those who were engaged in adopting the lifestyle of the British Mughals. Due to his special lifestyle, he was known as ‘White Mughal’ among the people of Delhi.

David Ochterlony married 13 women. This is about the period when Emperor Shah Alam was ruling in Delhi. In 1804, Ochterlony helped defend Delhi from an attack by Maratha chief Jaswant Rao Holkar. This was the reason that Shah Alam was happy and appointed David as the British Resident in the Mughal court.

David’s lifestyle in Delhi has been in the news for many reasons. First his marriages and second his behavior. He was very strict during the day and used to get drunk like the Mughals at night. With his 13 wives, he used to go for a walk in the city riding on an elephant. It was the condition of the Nawabi that all the 13 wives used to ride on different elephants.

From wearing clothes to smoking hookah, the style was similar to that of the Mughals. When the bishop of Calcutta met David, he was surprised to see him. He was sitting on the diwan on the side of the Mughals. There were servants blowing the wind with a turban on their head and peacock feathers around. Not only this, a large number of elephants, horses, palanquins were included in his convoy.

When the Governor General of India appeared in the colors of the Mughals

A similar experience happened to Emily and Feeney, the sister of the Governor General of India, George Eden. In 1837, she came to Patna with her brother on a royal tour. On 6 November, the Governor General’s court was held under a huge tent in Patna. A large number of people gathered for his darshan. Both the sisters were watching the atmosphere there.

Not only this, another officer of the East India Company, James Achilles Kirkpatrick, was seen painted in the colors of the Mughals. James was the resident of Hyderabad from 1798 to 1805. Although he was in the rank of colonel in the Presidency Army, but his house was decorated like the Mughal Empire. From the food to the hookah and the dance-song program in the night, everything was like the Mughals. He even kept a harem. Due to his hold on both Hindustani and Persian languages, he mixed easily in Hyderabad.

During this, the East India Company warned all its employees to beware of the beauty of Indian women. They were also told not to have matrimonial relations, but most of the employees and officials did not heed the advice.

that physical weakness of whites

They were so painted in the colors of the Mughals that the warnings were not making any difference to them. Sir Richard Burton, a British writer and translator of the Kamasutra, answered what was the reason for doing so. He said that the biggest reason for him doing this was the desire to have a physical relationship.

Richard Burton said that Indian women were far better than British women in matters of love and physical relations. At the same time, Bitish used to be lazy in this matter. He was weak in terms of sexual relations. This was the reason why Burton advised the people of his country to chew betel nut, drink sherbet and cigars to improve physical relations. He named this quality ‘Hindu retaining’ art. Richard clearly said that the British are very weak in front of Indian women.

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