Why are free portraits of the Queen being distributed only to the people of Australia?

Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated in Britain today. As per royal traditions, an hour long state funeral will be held. During this, 2 thousand guests, 500 foreign personalities and more than 4 thousand employees will be present. Among the pictures and videos of the preparations for the funeral of the Queen, a portrait of her is also going viral on the internet.

The reason for this is Australia. In fact, Australians are being given a picture of the Queen at government expense. Not only this, he can contact the MP’s office to get the portrait of the Queen. After applying, they are being given a picture of the Queen for free. Now let us understand why this is being done.

Out of stock boards outside the office

Australians are free to receive portraits of the Queen. For this, he is applying in the office of his MP. According to the report of DailyMail, the number of such applicants has increased so much that out of stock boards have been put up outside the office. A similar situation has arisen in the office of British MP Dr. Sophie Schamps.

In a statement issued by her office, it has been said that since the announcement of the death of the Queen, there have been so many applications for portraits within 10 days that they have become out of stock.To meet the demand, efforts are being made to make such pictures reach as many people as possible. The entire cost of this is being borne by the Finance Department.

so the government had to

The Australian government has to do so under the Constitution. The ‘Request Program’ has been mentioned in the constitution here, under which citizens have the right to demand things related to the nation from the government. These include things like a picture of the head of state or monarch, the national flag and CDs of the Australian national anthem. This is the reason why people are applying through the office of MPs and the portrait of the Queen is being given to them.

When the government rule became the root of the dispute

This rule of the Constitution of Australia has been discussed many times and has become a reason for debate. After many, it has been in controversies. Earlier in March 2012, the leader here, Bob Brown, criticized this policy and also brought a proposal in opposition to it.He said, if this much extra money is available, then it should be given to the needy people. I think this is the priority.

This was not the first time, this issue has been raised many times before, but the leaders in power also talked about not changing it, citing the Constitution.

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