Who is Nancy Pelosi, whose ruckus is happening due to going to Taiwan… China has been furious the most, know the meaning of this tour

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Taiwan has arrived. They Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen met with. From Nancy’s visit to Taiwan China is freaking out. China, which claims Taiwan as its own, is constantly threatening that it will take military action. With the threat, China has started military exercises near Taiwan. To intimidate Taiwan, China has deployed 21 of its fighter planes. Nancy Pelosi did not stop in front of China’s threats and has reached Taiwan in a US Air Force plane amid tight security.

Who is Nancy Pelosi, why did she reach Taiwan and why is China so agitated by her going to Taiwan, know the reason…

Who is Nancy Pelosi

Born on March 26, 1940, Nancy Pelosi studied in Little Italy, Baltimore. His father Tommy D’Alessandro has been a well-known politician. While studying in Washington, she met Paul Pelosi and got married after some time. Pelosi has been a Democrat since the beginning. In 1987, she became an MP from California for the first time from the Democratic Party. She is the first American woman to hold the position of speaker in the lower house.

Why did Pelosi go to Taiwan?

For some time, everything is not going well between China and America. Chinese President Xi Jinping advised the US President to stay away from Taiwan. China still claims its rights over Taiwan, so it does not want any representative of America to go there. Prior to Nancy Pelosi’s visit, information released by the Chinese media said that it would not allow the US representative’s plane to land in Taiwan.

If America obeys China, a message goes to the world that America is scared. Therefore, through this visit, America wants to give a strong message to China. Amidst the deteriorating relations with China, he is now moving forward to strengthen ties with Taiwan. Nancy’s visit is confirming this point.

Understand the meaning of this journey

America has said before that it will stand with Taiwan, this time too the same thing has happened. Despite the threats from China, America remained firm on its decision. But China absolutely does not want its relations with Taiwan to improve. China is scared and angry when Taiwan and America come together. China believes that if that country gets help from America and it becomes strong, then China’s dream of capturing Taiwan, the dream will be lost. That’s why China is incensed by Pelosi’s visit.

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